Megan Coffey

Hi! I'm Megan, former teacher turned stay-at-home-but-never-home mom to Peyton, 7, and Gage, 4. I host the Kansas City MomCast podcast! I'm married to the most patient person on this earth, Chris, and we live in Overland Park with our kids, an insane lab, and two guinea pigs. You can find me over committing to everything, reading informational and self-help texts, listening to podcasts, organizing, spending time with friends over margaritas, thrifting, and staying up way too late to have peace and serenity. I love people and hearing their stories and look forward to connecting with KCMC readers!

I Went On A Trip And Didn’t Miss My Kids

It's 3:30 a.m., and I'm standing on my front porch watching for my getaway car. The tires roll up the driveway, and I hustle to the car with my luggage and no one else's....

I’m a (Grateful) Complainer

November is here--a time of gratefulness and giving thanks. Everywhere I go I see pumpkins, signs, and fall decor with "blessed," "thankful," "give thanks," and so on, beautifully written in cursive. It is a...

Halloween Costumes on the Thrift

Halloween season is almost here! Between the pounds of candy and elaborate costumes, this holiday can take a toll on your bank account. Don't let yourself be fooled into thinking you have to pay...
girl in dress and boots

Teacher Mom Fail

Running late as usual, I recently took my son to his Parents Day Out orientation. The director asked if I had a specific form ready and filled out.  Like a deer in headlights, I...

What Moms Really Want

All moms need something different, all the time. It can change by phase of life or by season.  But all moms have needs. So what do we really want? Let's start off with what we...
girl blowing dandelion

Summer Anti-Bucket List Challenge

Go the park. Go to the movies. Make lemonade. Go to the pool. Go to a Royals game. Go camping. Make slime. Sell slime. Go to Worlds of Fun. Go on a trip. Stay...

Screen Free Travel

Anyone who knows our family knows we are screen light. There are certain places where our kids will never (and yes, I know parents say "never" about a lot of things- but I mean...

The Lost Art of Thank You Notes

There is a lost art. It's called thank you note writing. And it's a problem. It's interesting to me that there is so much talk these days about gratitude yet the practice of thank you...
mom friends

Creating My Own Moms Group

There's so much talk these days about "mom tribes." What does that even mean exactly?  Just for fun, I plugged the word "tribe" into Google.  Here's what I got: "a social division in a traditional...
family pet

A Letter To My Firstborn (Dog)

Dear Firstborn, Almost a decade ago, your dad and I were married and promptly couldn't wait to adopt you. We found you online, you had been dumped and awaiting a home. Your dad wasn't sure,...
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