Kansas City Cheer Programs

If you have a child interested in cheer you might be wondering where to start. Tumbling classes? Recreational or competitive programs? Seasonal cheering at football games? There are tons of cheer programs in Kansas City with a variety of time and financial commitments and we’ve pulled them all together for you in this guide.

Mom Pro Tip: Tryouts for competitive cheer teams is typically in May.

Types of Cheer Programs in Kansas City

Recreational Cheer

These programs are for kids looking to cheer for fun but not in competitions. Some kids do recreational cheer to prepare to join a competitive team when they are older. Many cheer programs offer recreational cheer. You’ll also find it at local Parks and Recreation programs and the YMCA.

Competitive Cheer

Many local cheer programs participate in competitions. Some focus just on local competitions while others do a lot of travel to regional and national competitions. These programs have a much higher cost due to travel expenses and typically require a tryout.

Sideline Cheer

This is the cheer you remember from high school football games. Some sports leagues have cheerleading programs where the cheerleaders get to cheer at local games. You’ll also find local high schools that host cheer clinics in the fall where girls can cheer at a high school football game.

Other Programs

Summer Camps

If you want to try cheer before going all in, consider a summer camp to see if it’s a good fit.

Tumbling Classes

Many cheer programs offer tumbling classes but you can also find them at local gymnastics programs.

School Tryout Clinics

If your kid wants help preparing for school cheer tryouts some cheer programs offer tryout clinics.


ACTIVSTARS partners directly with schools to offer after school cheer programming. Check their website to see if it is offered at your school.

Kansas Cheer Programs

Kansas City Athletic Cheer | Overland Park

  • Recreational cheer and tumbling for ages 4 and up.
  • Guaranteed team placement. Local competitions only or local and travel competitions.
  • Summer camps for kids as young as 3.

KC Cheer | Lenexa

  • Recreational cheer and tumbling for ages 3 and up.
  • Competitive teams with different levels and time commitments.

Kansas City Football and Cheerleading (KCFC) | Various Locations

  • All recreational, no tryouts are required. Teams are based on your geographic area and your nearest high school.
  • Squad will cheer at flag and tackle football games and some basketball games.
  • Many camps and clinics throughout the year. Optional competition.
  • Scholarships available.
  • Ages: Junior squads are kindergarten – third grade. Senior squads are fourth grade – middle school.

The Cheer Pitt | Olathe

  • Tumbling classes and competition cheer.
  • Novice teams for 4-7 year olds, no experience necessary.
  • Prep teams for more experienced kids with limited travel competitions.
  • Elite teams for kids 6 and up that want a more rigorous competitive experience and travel competitions.

Miss Maria’s | Olathe

  • Recreational cheer classes for ages 5 and up.
  • Different levels of competitive teams with local competitions.

Premier Athletics | Olathe

  • Sideline recreational team, no try-outs necessary. Squads cheer at local flag football games.
  • Competition teams that attend local competitions.
  • Ages 4 and up.

Triple Threat KC | Lenexa

  • Intro to tumbling classes for kids 3-6 year old.
  • Cheer 101 for first-timers with an end of the year showcase.
  • Competition teams for ages 5 and up.

Missouri Cheer Programs

Empower Cheer Elite | Riverside

  • Competitive cheer for kids age 6 to 18.

Fuzion | Kearney

  • Recreational tumbling classes.
  • Recreational cheer programs for young kids.
  • Local and travel competition cheer teams.

Junior Chiefs Cheerleaders

  • No details online at this time, but you can get on their email list for more info.

Mega Gymnastics and Cheer | St. Joseph

  • Recreational and competitive tumbling program.
  • Recreational and competitive cheer programs.
  • Ages 4 and up.

Missouri Wolverines | North Kansas City

  • Programs for kindergartners – 8th graders.
  • Cheer at Wolverines Youth Football home games.
  • Local and travel competitions.

Nash Jem Elite All-Stars | Lee’s Summit

  • Recreational cheer and tumbling programs for ages 3 and up.
  • Competition teams for ages 5 and up.

Necco Raiders | Northland

  • Cheer program for the Necco Football program.

Rampage Athletics | Blue Springs

  • Tumbling and cheerleading skills classes.
  • Recreational teams for 3-6 year olds.
  • Competitive teams with travel and no travel options.

Spirit Zone | Lee’s Summit

  • Recreational cheer and tumbling programs.
  • Competition teams for ages 4 and up.

Xtreme Cheer Allstars (XCA) | Oak Grove

  • FUNdamentals cheer and tumbling classes for ages 4 and up.
  • Competition teams for a variety of levels and travel commitments.
  • Toddler tumbling classes for ages 1-5.
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