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Kansas City Mom Collective Contributors
Kansas City Mom Collective was born in 2012 with a simple hope: “We want to bring online mothers together offline in meaningful and lasting community; discussions that start after a blog post on the “latest and greatest” parenting techniques and end over a cup of coffee at one of KC’s great local coffee shops.”

Now the premier site for parenting in Kansas City, we are passionate about KC’s women and families. We hope you’ll find a supportive online community, in-person events, and the resources to encourage you in your parenting journey. Our writing team speaks to the best and most difficult aspects of parenting and reminds you to take care of yourself sometimes, too. We want to help you connect to the KC businesses and give you the resources that help you navigate KC!

Kansas City Mom Collective is committed to creating an encouraging and supportive community, both online and offline, for the moms of Kansas City, and to continue to fuel pride for this great city!



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