Vanessa Knight

Vanessa Knight
Vanessa Knight has been a part of the Kansas City community for 11 years (a native Texan), living in the Overland Park area with husband Josh, two children (Sophie is 6, Jude is 5), and three Labradors. A clinical marriage and family counselor serving the area, Vanessa works with those who hurt from life experiences, relationships or trauma, helping both individuals and families to love (www.securecounselingclinic.com). When she's not working, Vanessa's favorite stay-at-home things are Sequence, puzzles, picnics on the Nelson-Atkins Museum lawn, messy art projects, and trampoline jumping!

Teaching Kids to Self-Regulate Screen Time

Yesterday, when my daughter came home from school, I was informed that her class would be watching a full-length movie. I had to renegotiate what this would mean for our evening. A full-length film is...

Rocking Back and Forth

The summer after 2nd grade, my family moved into the house in Houston where I remember most of my childhood. Two little boys lived two doors down - the sons of my 2nd grade...

KC Activities that Bond Parents and Children

Kids that grow up feeling connected to a secure and loving caregiver have the relationship tools to be in healthy romantic relationships, have successful interpersonal skills with friends and coworkers, and even have stronger...

6 Ways to Avoid Mommy Mid-Day Burn Out

It's 4:15 on a Tuesday afternoon. We've spent an hour outside in the cold weather, as the snow thaws and the ground offers mud puddles for planting stick "trees" (fallen twigs from our enormous...
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