Family Friendly Features at the Kansas City Airport

The new Kansas City International Airport terminal is something we can all be proud of. Not only is it beautiful and a more up-to-date facility, but the focus on making the travel experience inclusive, accessible and family friendly is unmatched.

Here is everything you need to know as a mom about taking advantage of the new airport’s amenities!

Family Friendly Features at Kansas City’s New Airport

Flight Simulator

The Kansas City Air Travel Experience Room provides a true-to-life space to gain experience with check-in, security screening, boarding and flight procedures, all in a calm and controlled atmosphere. This experience is perfect for children or adults with Autism or Asperger’s syndrome, anxiety, dementia, hearing or visually impaired, claustrophobia, fear of flying or new travelers.

Travelers are guided through every step of the air travel experience inside a section of an actual Airbus 320 fuselage, with working overhead storage bins, seat belts, tray tables and lavatory, providing hands-on experience in a safe environment. Through practice, the room can help calm fears and ensure a better, real-life flight experience in the future. For details about what to expect during the simulator and to make a reservation (required), click here.

Sensory Room

The Sensory Room, located in Concourse B next to Auntie’s Anne’s pretzels,  is an interactive space designed to help travelers who are neurodivergent and may become overwhelmed by a bustling and unfamiliar place. Designed for those with autism, dementia or other sensory processing challenges, this space features calm, tiered and tactile-based zoned activity areas, fidget chairs, no loose objects, fully cushioned general areas and carpeted, nonabrasive flooring. The Sensory Room is open to ticketed passengers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with no reservation needed.

Variety KC Play Zone

The Variety KC Inclusive Play Zone is located in the Concourse B amenity node near Gate B54. This play area allows kids of all abilities to be a pilot, flight crew or even get a little exercise in! Presented by Variety Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City, the play zone features kid-sized versions of a plane and an air traffic control tower, each with smooth surfaces, low platforms and transfer stations for wheelchair users and persons of reduced mobility. Ticketed passengers are free to enjoy the play zone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no reservation needed.

Restaurants You Recognize

Many of your family’s favorite local restaurants are at the airport! From Meat Mitch to City Market stalls to Martin City Brewing to Buffalo State Pizza Co., there are Kansas City favorites everywhere. And coffee from all your favorite KC roasters are there for mom and dad.

Refillable Water Stations

Bring your water bottles! No more trying to fill up your cups in the bathroom sink. The new terminal provides ample opportunities to fill up your bottles before getting on your flight.


No matter what your family needs, the airport has it. Diaper changing stations in men’s restrooms? Check. All gender restrooms? Check. Family restrooms? Check. Universal changing stations for kids and adults? Check.

Nursing Rooms

Nursing rooms are one-family rooms — no more cramming yourself into a bathroom stall. The spaces features adjustable lighting, comfortable seating, a toddler toy, large changing and washing areas and a lockable door. Mom approved!

Quiet Room

Not only is the airport and travel experience over stimulating to kids but it can be overwhelming to anyone. You can go into the quiet room – a multipurpose space that is great for meditation, escaping the chaos, rolling out a prayer rug or any need to just find a quiet space. It is located in Concourse A, near Gate 12.

Public Art

The art is stunning! And great for a little scavenger hunt for kids while waiting for flights. Check out all the installations and stories behind them here. Don’t miss the paper airplanes on the ceiling at the baggage claim area.

The Airport Floor

Like may adults mourning the old MCI they were familiar with, my kids loved the speckled floor with the space theme. It’s not all lost, though! The builders rescued tiles from the old terminals to embed in the new terminal floors for a bit of nostalgia!
Sarah McGinnity
Sarah grew up in Manhattan, Kansas (Go Cats!), she moved to Minnesota where she met her husband, Shea. Realizing how much she hated snow in May, she convinced him to move to Kansas City in 2010. Together they have lived in Midtown, Waldo, the Plaza, and now Overland Park. Sarah is mom to 10-year-old, Henry, 7-year-old Clark and 5-year-old Lucy. She has her master’s in urban administration and is passionate about making Kansas City a more equitable and supportive community. In between the crazy, she likes to drink coffee, run, hike, travel as much as possible, and experience all things Kansas City!