Annie Bates

Annie Bates
I originally hail from up north - Rochester, New York style where I grew up as one of five siblings. I moved to Kansas City 9 years ago by way of Boston where I worked for a small design firm. I am a graphic designer and illustrator and now work in new product development. I am stupid happy with my husband Sal and our two schnoodles (dogs) over on the Kansas side. On December 12, 2012 we had our baby girl, Willa. We are fairly convinced her smile could instill world peace. She is the hardest and bestest thing I have ever done and with 7 months in, only a lifetime to go! I love cooking, not baking. I’m chronically clumsy. After 37 years, I have learned to embrace my curly hair. Yoga is my bliss. I’m not that keen on sweets which seems to confound most people. I’m obsessed with reading and might craft 24 hours a day if sleep was optional and I didn’t like spending time with my husband and our nugget.

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