Bethany Duber

Bethany Duber
Bethany Duber is a foster parent to two incredible toddler boys. Born and raised in Raytown, Bethany graduated from the University of Missouri School of Journalism in 2012 with the dream of becoming a copywriter for an ad agency. After 7 years of the ad word, she decided to change careers and is now working as the Special Events Coordinator at FosterAdopt Connect. This new career brings an exciting new challenge and allows her continue her dedication to helping kids in foster care. Bethany knows first-hand some of the unique challenges foster parents face. She also knows how incredibly rewarding it is to be given the title mommy and is thankful for every moment she has with her precious kiddos. Bethany’s passions include her family, improving the lives of kids in foster care, and fighting for social justice. Her hobbies include writing poetry and children’s books, podcasting with her husband about movies and supporting local KC businesses. 
women eating lunch together

How to Make (And Keep) Adult Friends

When we were young we made friends based on proximity. The kids we were required to spend 8 hours a day with. They were the ones we had to share our toys with and...
kids playing in snow

Trading New Year’s Resolutions for Reflections

I’ve never been one for New Year’s Resolutions. Frankly, the entire idea intimidates me. It’s as if once a year you have to decide how you can be better. I’d rather work on myself...
library resources

Find More at the Library than Just Books

When I was a kid I spent a lot of my summer at the library. My stay-at-home mom would get all three of us in the van, and we make a trip out of...
family movie

Family Friendly Movies Featuring Adoption, Foster Care

We often talk about how meaningful it is for a child to see themselves reflected in characters they see in media like movies, TV and books. But, it is equally important for kids to see...
a Black family playing outside in the sunshine

Celebrating Juneteenth

As we celebrate Juneteenth this year, I wanted to share a bit about the holiday and how my family celebrates. For those of you who don't know, June 19th is a holiday that commemorates...
cut out of a family held in two palms

What to Say to Future Foster Parent

When my husband and I decided becoming foster parents was our path to parenthood, we weren't sure how everyone would react. Some parents have a hard time hearing that their adult children are not going...
storm clouds

A Storm is Coming: Helping Your Child Through Their Trauma

A storm is coming. I can see the silhouette of the clouds in the night sky in front of a distant flash of lightning. There is a faint rumble, too. A storm is coming,...
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