Berry Picking in Kansas City

Berry picking has been a fun family tradition for a few years for us, as well as the “uh, what do we do with 14 pounds of berries?!” freakout that comes next. You can pick berries yourself or look into pre-picked options or farmers market stalls where you can get local berries for a little bit more than if you’d picked them by hand. Whatever your approach, remember: Locally grown berries taste SO much better than store bought ones!

Berry Picking Tips

Picking season varies depending on weather and type of berry. Many farms make it easy to stay informed with email newsletters you can subscribe to for updates. You can also check for updated information about picking hours on either their Facebook page, website, or voicemail, whichever method they use to post daily updates. And always check again right before you leave the house, in case they are picked out (this can happen especially on weekends and really nice days). Some farms require you reserve a picking time, so make sure you do that before you drive out.

Come Prepared

Wear comfortable clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, and rain boots or old shoes if it has rained at all the last couple of days. For summer berry picking, you’ll probably want to wear bug spray, too. Consider an evening slot when it is cooler and often less crowded. Bring cash or your checkbook as many places do not accept other forms of payment. While the walk from the parking lot to the field can be long depending on the size of the farm and which field is open, keep in mind that strollers and most wagons are not recommended due to the terrain. And, of course, use the bathroom before you leave the house!

We love reading the books Blueberries for Sal and Jamberry to our kids—they are a great tie-in to berry picking!

Strawberries: May/Early June


  • Gieringers in Edgerton, Kan.: You do have to purchase a “field picking pass” at Gierengers to access their fields and children’s play area. They are $3 a person, but children 24 months and younger don’t need one. Make sure you buy a fresh strawberry or blueberry donut while you are there! Check their Facebook for availability.
  • StoneBriar Farm in DeSoto, Kan.: This is a CASH ONLY patch so make sure you come prepared!
  • Wohletz Farm Fresh just east of Lawrence, Kan.: We like Wohletz Farm Fresh because they offer evening picking hours. They also have a nice shaded area overlooking the patch with chairs and swings. You must reserve a picking time before you go.


Blueberries: June/July

Kids can pick the berries at the bottom of the bush so you don’t have to hunch over!


  • Gieringers in Edgerton, Kan.: $3 field picking pass required for everyone 2 and older.
  • Happy Valley Farm in DeSoto, Kan.—Picking by appointment only.
  • Oregon Trail Farm in Leavenworth, Kan.
  • Wohletz Farm Fresh just east of Lawrence, Kan. Blueberry picking is by invitation only, so make sure you get on their email list!


  • Bockelman Berries in Peculiar, Mo.
  • Duncan’s Berry Farm in Smithville, Mo.
  • Schweizer Orchards in St. Joseph, Mo.
  • The Berry Patch in Cleveland, Mo. This is where we typically go. Their farm is HUGE with many patches that ripen at different times. We always grab something from their bakery display when we check out, and their barrel train is fun for kids to ride.

Blackberries: July/August



Happy picking, everyone!

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  1. Thank you for all of this information! I would love to take my son berry picking. Do you know if any of these farms are organic?


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