Bridget was the first of her six siblings to be born in Kansas City and she has lived here ever since. She met her husband when she was in the eighth grade; they have been married for five years and have two boys (Cooper is 4, Lewis is 2) with another boy on the way. Day-to-day life consists of being woken up face-to-face with someone asking for a cup of milk; picking up hockey gear around the house; trips to the park; laughing at her boys; attempting to catch up on laundry; and hearing lots of screaming and “I love you, momma”'s. Bridget loves to camp, lay on a hammock (often while pretending it's a ship being attacked by sharks), garden, picnic - basically all things outdoors with the exception of chiggers! Writing for a moms blog has been a top bucket list item and she is excited to be a contributor. She also writes at living with levins
Look away, she's nursing.

Look Away, She’s Nursing

I feel really inadequate to write about this topic. I am not the mom that would pull out her boob just anywhere, totally confident that I was nourishing my baby and not giving a...

Backdoor Memories

“Are you crying again?” my husband asks. I reply, "NO!" as I desperately try to stop the sobs and tears rolling down my face. I was simply staring out the sliding glass doors in my kitchen...

Capturing Milestones with Jessica Bridgewater Photography

Photo shoots can be stressful. When I was younger, I remember looking  at our family photos and thinking, "why does mom look so angry?"  Now, as a mom myself, I want to yell at my...

Lessons in Honesty

You know that powerless feeling? Like the time when you were 12 years old and your dad thought it would be a good idea to let you drive the dirt bike alone. When he...

Fun Treats for St. Patrick’s Day

My dad's name is Patrick Leonard Kelly. He was born on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day); to say my family is a little Irish may be an understatement. :) My grandmother's maiden name is...

5 Tips for Surviving Home Projects

I have been married for nearly six years; during that time, we have endured and survived a home remodel along with various other projects in and around our home. We married young, and my...

What My Mom Taught Me About Valentine’s Day

Holidays are  special to me. I love the way they break up the day-to-day norm and allow us to focus on something specific, different, and fun. My husband and I couldn't be more different...
raising boys

Words I Thought I’d Never Say While Raising Boys

I had been a nanny and worked in the daycare setting for years. I have heard some of the many things parents say to their kids and thought, "that will never come out of...

Slowing the Season Down with an Advent Calendar

The countdown to Christmas or any special event is almost as fun as the actual day. As you anxiously rip away the paper links, cross off numbers or flip open the small pictures, the excitement...

How Not to Freak Out Your Child Before Their First Trip to the Dentist

I have serious issues when it comes to the dentist. It might have something to do with my obsession with teeth while also being genetically prone to cavities; it might also have a lot...

I’m Holding Pregnancy Responsible

Note: This post is the second in our three-part “Labor of Love” series. Join us in a couple of weeks as we close out this series with Bridget's birth story! My husband, Josh thinks it...

XY Chromosomes Only

Note: This post is the first in our three-part “Labor of Love” series. Join us for more from Bridget next week! "Pregnant again?" "Yes, we know how this is happening" - but thanks, fifty-something-year-old man in...
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