Britt is a former nomad, who happily put down roots in the Kansas City suburbs to start her own family close to her parents and siblings. After three professional degrees and a brief stint as an elementary teacher with Teach for America, Britt now spends 40 hours a week working in the legal world. In what little free time she has left over, she pretends to do yoga, installs toilets, cans vegetables, quilts, entertains family and friends, and seeks adventure around KC and beyond with her two favorite boys. Though she and her husband, David, are new to parenting their 8 month old son, Benja, they already agree that they love him more than coffee. They just not-so-secretly hope that no one ever makes them choose between the two.
teal pumpkins

Teal Pumpkins and Treat Alternatives

Halloween is fast approaching! The stores are already filled with costumes, candy, and creepy decorations! If your children are anything like my son, they've already changed their minds five times about what they want...
kid playing with beads

Easy Sensory Bins and Indoor Activities to Keep You Sane

I am writing this post while it is snowing. It has been snowing all day. It is supposed to keep snowing tomorrow. If you're anything like me, you're stuck at home and indoors when we...
fruit christmas tree

Happy Allergen-Friendly Holidays To You

The holidays are here! And, with them, family gatherings, class parties, and office pot lucks. 'Tis the season to eat! I've written before about food allergies and inclusiveness. And, it's another great time to consider...
girl on white couch

Don’t Buy the White Couch: A Furniture-Buying Guide for New Parents

When I was visibly pregnant with my first baby, I bought living room furniture. Which included a couch and a love seat. Almost 6 years later, I still cannot believe that they let a visibly pregnant...

Jumping In: Modeling Risk for Our Kids

Last year, my family went wake surfing for the first time. My children and I sat on a boat in the middle of Table Rock Lake while the six other adults with us surfed....

The (Mostly Free) Safety Hacks You Need When You Have Small Children

We've all heard that every child is different. My first born is a people-pleasing rule follower. My second born is a honey badger. Girlfriend will look you in the eye while you tell her...
co sleeping

Co-Sleeping and Loving It

I picked the topic of this post some time ago. Then, this morning, my daughter woke me up at 4:45.  When I finally stopped trying to get back to sleep, I tiptoed around the...

Your Summer Reading Guide

There's nothing quite like cracking open a good book! Summer is the perfect time of year to head outside, find a nice shady spot under a tree, and get lost in a fantasy, romance,...

Tips for Weathering Tornado Season and How You Can Help Those Affected

Tornado season may be nothing new to those of us who have lived in the Kansas City area, but Tuesday night's experience sure was. Many of us spent our evening huddled in our safe...

Please Stop Calling Toddlers Jerks

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took our kids to a local breakfast place for pancakes. My husband colored with my son while my daughter and I sang "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"...

Why Are You Making Almond Milk? Needing New Challenges as a SAHM

Remember that kid in school who raised their hand for every question? Who read ahead for fun? Yep, that was me. Took extra credits each semester of college for my own enjoyment. Watch documentaries...
frustrated mom

Watch Your Mouth Around My Kid

I have a terrible potty mouth. Just filthy. I'm an educated, intelligent, professional woman with an extensive lexicon. I'm able to expound prolifically using a plethora of words and phrases. And, sometimes, there is no...

A Meditation for Chores

I hate chores. Before kids, they were a mild annoyance.  I could do them when I felt like, or, more accurately, when I absolutely had to because I was out of underwear or spoons. Now, it...

KCRep Honors Strong Women In Spring 2019 Series

Kansas City is an art town. While the term art can be vague and general, in our city's case, it is broad and all encompassing. And, it includes the theater. One of our brightest...

This, Too, Will Pass

One year ago, I did something radical. I quit my dream job. In order to do my other dream job full time. I've been a stay-at-home mom for a year now, and what a...
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