Brittany Noland

Brittany Noland
Hi, I’m Brittany! I have been married to my husband, Nick, for three years and we welcomed our first child, a baby boy named Brody, in early December 2019. I grew up in British Columbia, Canada and moved to Southern California in 2011. My husband and I just relocated our family from Southern California to Overland Park in February 2020 to be closer to his family and raise our son in the Midwest! Navigating my way through being a brand new mom and moving to a new city has been full of excitement, panic, sleep deprivation and plenty of late-night Googling. In my pre baby life I enjoyed all things Real Estate, yoga and fitness, and traveling to new places. Currently, taking an uninterrupted shower and putting on clothes that are not covered in spit up is my version of bliss. Craziness aside, I am so excited for this next chapter and making deep connections (especially with other moms!) in my new hometown.

Technology Troubles

Phones and screen time. These have been big topics in our household lately. And not quite for the reason you'd think. My husband and I are not worried about our son’s amount of usage...
holiday cocktail

10 Must Try Holiday Beverage Recipes

Whether you need a great recipe for a fun holiday party.. oh wait, no parties this year... well, that doesn’t mean you can’t make fun recipes at home to try with your honey, or...
pic of computer with baby stuff on the left and phone on the right

Back to Work After Baby

As parents have been gearing up for the return of school and navigating the new landscape of education as we know it, I have been gearing up for my own return. That is, my...
pic of map of Kansas City metro

Kansas City, My New Home

Eight years ago, I moved from Canada to Southern California. Never in a million years did I think that I would one day end up in Kansas City, much less Kansas itself. My only...
pic of baby in a basket

To My Son on Your Six-Month Birthday

I remember the day you were born so clearly. It was only six months ago, but I know without a doubt that I will remember that day vividly for the rest of my life....
pic of father playing with baby

Father’s Day: Reflections from a First-Time Dad

My husband will be celebrating Father’s Day for the first time this year. I thought it would be fun to interview him and reflect on the first six months of his fatherhood experience. Here...
crying baby

My View: Please, Go to Sleep!

Are there any other new moms out there struggling with sleep deprivation and exhaustion? I literally think that I am never going to sleep a full night again. It’s been four months since my son...
woman at computer

Controlling What You Can in an Uncontrollable Time

I control my thoughts and actions. And the past few weeks my thoughts and actions have sucked. I’ve let my guard down. I’ve fallen victim to the news and social media hysteria. I have...
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