Denise Mersmann

Denise Mersmann
Hi! I’m Denise; wife to Doug for 36 years, mom to Kate who lives in DC and works at NASA, Caroline who became our angel at four months old and Ryan who is a junior at KState majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Physics and two fantastic felines, Walter and Arthur. I love to take pictures, cook and bake, watch sports, dabble in most any type of crafting and hang out with my family. Mostly out of necessity, I have become fascinated with social media and have a false sense of pride that I am better at it than most people my age. I have a constantly changing bucket list, mostly revolving around things I can do with friends or family and that doesn’t require me to address my solid fear of heights!
car driving through beautiful landscape

Family Vacations with Adult Children

Vacations have always been a priority for our family. From the time our kids were very young, we tried to regularly schedule time away to reconnect and create great memories. Over the years, we have...
the word "pronouns" written in wooden letters

Using Correct Pronouns Matters

They. Them.  Those familiar pronouns have been part of my vocabulary for many years. And for almost all those years, these words have been plural pronouns. “They” and “them” were generalized words used to lump...
soccer ball on soccer field

Sporting KC: A Truly Great Kansas City Sports Experience

Our family loves sports. Our kids have played multiple sports over the years — baseball, softball, football, soccer, rugby, tennis — you name it, we probably have equipment for it.  But our love of...

KC Royals Opening Day: A Family Tradition

It’s that time of year. Our family—along with most of Kansas City—is hyped and ready for the first cry of “Play ball!” as our Royals take the field for the home opener. With a schedule...
five girlfriends with hands in a circle

Galentine’s Day, A Celebration of Friendship

It’s time to celebrate! Nope, not the Chiefs, not a significant other, not even the birth of some old presidents. It’s time to go all-in for Galentine’s Day! Time to celebrate some of the...
woman drinking hot cocoa, journaling, covered with a blanket

Leaning into a Hygge Lifestyle

Sorry moms, but Groundhog Day isn’t just a day in February this year. That’s right — we’re doing this again. After months of staying home, entertaining ourselves inside, and rarely getting to gather with friends,...

Unsafe at Home in America

Last week, our family should have been taking a 17-hour road trip. Thursday was the day we were taking our daughter, Kate, back to her home in the suburbs of Washington D.C.   Kate has been...

Dear 2020: You Didn’t Win…

Dear 2020, Wow! You are about to head out of here, no longer the year, but a piece of the past that I will likely never forget. I feel like we need to have some closure,...

Creating Holiday Traditions That Last

I feel a little cheated by the Elf on the Shelf.   This tiny North Pole transplant came around when my kids were too old to engage with him. While the Elf is the bane of...
woman standing in a field at sunset, arms spread

A Gratitude-Focused Lifestyle

As parents, we spend years encouraging, reminding and prodding our kids to say “thank you.” Usually, we start with a small nod, then a gentle nudge of “What do you say?” and finally we...
pic of woman's hands holding a pink ribbon

My Mother’s Diagnosis: Baby Girl Bows Become Breast Cancer Ribbons

There is never a good time for someone you love to say, “I have to have a biopsy.”   No matter how many times you have heard the words before, that sentence can literally take...
reuseable bag

Earth Day: Time To Do My Part

This year for Lent, I gave up plastic bags. Cold turkey. If I went to the store without my bag, I either purchased new reusable bags or shoved what I could in my purse...
girl looking down

My View: Disappointment is a Valuable Teacher

I’m sorry you are disappointed -- so am I. For all the parents who are hearing the frustrated cries of their children about things they are missing out on, this is your time to...
football party

How to Host the Best Chiefs Watch Party

Good things come to those who wait. Yes, they do. After waiting 50 years, we're starring in the Big Game Sunday! As the city has turned a beautiful shade of red, fans are showing their...

All Ages, All Things Fall at Johnson Farms

“Mums” the word at Johnson Farms Plants and Pumpkins! At least that was what I believed for several years. But as it turns out, you will need a lot more words to describe all...
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