Franchesca Day

Franchesca Day
Hi! I'm Franchesca! I am originally from Arizona, the Phoenix area, but moved to Missouri in 2015. It was one of the scariest things I have ever done in my life, but I have absolutely fallen in love with Kansas City! I live in Lee's Summit with my husband and four boys and we have no clue what we are doing! We fly by the seat of our pants on any given day, but we are so happy here. I love learning and have a background in cosmetology. I am currently working on completing a degree at UMKC, majoring in psychology, please pray for me. As a stay-at-home mom, I spend most of my day, honestly, cleaning up messes and drinking Dr. Pepper. I love to bake, read non-textbooks, do DIY home projects, think about exercising, and binge watch TV shows. But, my favorite hobby is letting my kids run wild through the neighborhood while the adults socialize on the patio. Also tacos, I love Mexican food and tacos!
chocolate cake with berries

Desserts to Share (or Not)

Alright. Listen up. When my time is up on this earth I want my headstone to say, "What's for dessert?" in the most serious font they got. No filly swirls please, clean print. During...
butterfly from black and white to colored

What I Wish I Had Known About Mental Health

I didn’t expect this to be so dang complicated. But, I am going to do my best to be as raw and honest as I can. Let’s talk about mental health. October 10 is World...

How to Go Back to School as a Mom

Everyone is talking about back to school. It's just that time of year. Tax free weekend in Missouri is coming up, parents everywhere will start prepping. Some of them will be teary eyed over...

How to Prepare for Band or Orchestra

I swear it was 100 years ago when I was in fifth grade band. Yet it seems like yesterday I played in my first band concert. If you played an instrument, I bet you...
woman covering her mouth, like in an "oops"

A Collection of Parenting Fails

As parents, we watch the craziest things unfold and can find ourselves completely baffled that what is happening with our kids is actually, really, truly, happening. In the moment, these parenting situations are downright...

Birth Story: A Can’t Miss Job Interview

This birth story series is sponsored by Overland Park Regional Medical Center. Having babies is life changing. There isn't anyone that could argue me out of that fact. You are changed forever. The birth of...
plate of tacos with ramekins of toppings

At-Home Taco Night Done Right

Tacos are life. It’s the meal that keeps on giving if you can eat over a plate that has an open tortilla on it waiting to become... a new taco! Lebron James loves tacos...
a child's hands doing craft with construction paper

Parents as Teachers, an Important Early Childhood Resource

A long time ago, I thought I’d grow up to be a teacher. (And by a long time ago, I mean like seven-ish years, I was very much an adult at this point with...
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