Hannah Fox

Hannah Fox
Hannah Fox, a Michigan native, has lived in Kansas City for 12 years. She loves to connect and learn with others through Building Better Moms. When not connecting with other parents on Instagram or IRL, she can be found at La Bodega with her husband, a kid-friendly coffee shop with other Moms or watching Disney+ with her kids. Before becoming a SAHM, Hannah spent her time as a middle school science teacher focusing on education reform through curriculum writing and instructional coaching. After her first son was born, she made a difficult decision to stay at home full time. Hannah and her husband have 3 children ages 6 and under. Having a son with food allergies and a daughter with just one hand AKA “limb different,” Hannah is deeply committed to meeting and sharing experiences with parents and kids in the allergy and limb different communities.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Home

Marrying into an Irish American family has taught me a few things. 1. EVERYTHING gets celebrated — and 2. Music and food make a party. Here are some suggestions for how to make your...
pic of women from the past

Celebrating Women’s History Month: HERstory, OURstory

Starting in 1987, the United States designated the month of March as Women’s History Month. Considering we just elected the first woman to ever serve in the executive branch of our government in our...
hands holding a plastic heart with a stethoscope

From Uncertainty to Confidence: Making Medical Decisions for My Children

Making medical decisions for a child can be overwhelming. Seven years into parenting and I still wonder sometimes if I’ve made the right choices for them. For example, "Do we move forward with braces...
small portions of foods often causing allergy: eggs, nuts, shell fish, etc.

My Kid Has Food Allergies: What Can I Do?

At 5 months old, my oldest son had his first allergic reaction. We didn’t know for sure at the time, but we suspected that what I ate for dinner (eggs) had touched his skin...

Holiday Treat Recipes: Kid Friendly Baking

Nothing says the holidays like baking. OK, decorating our home might shout it a little louder, but BAKING is a very symbolic way to welcome the season. Nostalgia wafts out of the oven just...
pic of frustrated mother with child playing in the background

Managing Behavior Without Punishing Myself

I have a habit I am trying to change — punishing myself while holding my kids accountable for undesirable behavior. Do any of the following sound familiar? “Hit him again, and you are going...
pic of school lunch

A Pandemic Lunch Packing Guide

Creating systems for our kids can be intimidating. That includes packing lunch, especially during a pandemic.  “Mom, can I PLEASE have a lunch box?” (February 2020) “No...sorry. We already pay for the food at your school.”...
pic of woman getting an ultrasound during pregnancy

The Stages of A Traumatic Ultrasound

“All that matters is a healthy baby.”  How many times have you heard this phrase when talking about an ultrasound? I've used it many times when wondering about the gender of my children or chatting...
pic of houses with hearts coming out the chimneys

The Pandemic Is Making Us Better Neighbors

Recently, I’m finding myself emphatically waving and smiling at any neighbors who pass by our house. They might live on our street … or not. Regardless, everyone now gets a big wave, a meaningful...
pic of small boy, looking sad

Grief & Loss: How to Talk to Kids During a Pandemic

Last week was a DOOZY, even for coronavirus standards. A root canal, an irreparable furnace, a best friend’s miscarriage, and my 91-year-old Grandpa’s cancer diagnosis. I’m exhausted. I’m sad. AND thankfully I’m supported. Friends and...
colored pencils and flower

Born Different: Teaching Kids How To Talk to Someone Who Looks Different

"Look, Mom, that baby is missing her hand!” My daughter was born in July of 2018 with a physical "difference"; she was born with just one hand. When someone is born with a physical difference...
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