Janelle Gregory

Janelle never imagined herself to be a mom, but found herself being just that when their (at the time, 10-year-old) son, Isaac, moved into their home and hearts in May, 2012. She and her husband were thrilled to adopt him just seven months later, and she loves connecting with other parents trying to navigate the foster-to-adoption process. She enjoys working in Human Resources at her church and has a part-time gig at a bank in Lawrence as the best (and only) shoe shiner in town! She’s passionate about Jesus, board games, traveling the world, and KU basketball - to varying degrees - and if she were ever to go to a party where colors were invited, Janelle would want to talk to orange the most.

What Not to Say to Adoptive Parents

"Congrats!" "She's beautiful!" "He looks just like his dad." When a baby is born, we all know exactly what to say. If for some reason you were having trouble, just find the "New Baby" section in the...

HELLO my name i̶s̶ isn’t Mom

The doorbell rang. I took a deep breath before my husband and I answered it together. We opened it to a brown-eyed, speckled, ten-year-old boy in a Star Wars t-shirt. Next to him was...

Field Trip Club – Childcare on the Go!

Disclosure: My son attends Field Trip Club, but I am in no way receiving monetary or other forms of payment for this post. It's just too amazing not to share! Remember your grade school years?...
After I Became a Mom, My Marriage Was Never the Same

After I Became a Mom, My Marriage Was Never the Same

I've never been one to see the world through rose-colored glasses (pink isn't my color), so I went into parenthood very aware of the toll that kids can have on marriages. I had heard...

Junque Drawer Boutique – a Treasure in Olathe

Did you know that you can go into a paint store and request "Johnson County Beige"? It's true. In the minds of most people, this suburban Kansas county is colored with a single hue:...

Family Ceremony: A Covenant of Adoption

When I got married, a courthouse wedding never entered my mind; I wasn't getting married for a legal document. Sure, it gives you certain privileges, but getting married meant so much more to me...

Wanted: A Place to Belong

I’m the middle child, halfway between my older sister and younger brother, all born to parents who have been married for over fifty years. I would describe my family life as normal – mostly...

Thank You For Raising My Son

There are many people that will greatly influence the lives of your kids – teachers, neighbors, grandparents, etc. While all of those are important in my son’s life, the person that rises to the...

Saving Soles: How to Shine Your Boots or Shoes

I know that there are four seasons in a year, but I’d suggest that we can narrow it down to two: sandals and boots. If you’re like me, you’ve recently pulled out your boots...

Johnson County: Superb in the Burbs

Note: This is the first post in our five-part "Metro Wars" series covering all the things we love about Kansas City. Head back this Thursday for more! Cookie cutter houses in the suburbs were never...

Beyond Barbecue: Kansas City’s Restaurant – Collection

Quick: What’s the best barbecue in Kansas City? There is nothing that riles up Kansas Citians quite like the great barbecue debate. I’m sure that each of us has at least one BBQ restaurant that...

Balancing Lesson Plans with Life Lessons

Note: This post is the fourth in our six-part “Back to School” series. Join us for more from this series next Tuesday! I’m not saying that I’m brilliant, but I hang around a lot of...

When the Sippy Cup is Half-Empty: My Doubts Going into Motherhood

Spiders and snakes? Don’t bother me. Going to the dentist? No problem. Public speaking? My pleasure. Becoming a mom? Scared me so much that just the thought would make me shake more than a belly-dancer in an earthquake. I love our...
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