Kelly Engstrom

Kelly Engstrom
Hi! I’m Kelly! I was born in South Korea, grew up in Nebraska, went to college at Kansas State, and spent my 20s in Washington, D.C. I moved to the Kansas City area in 2012 (vowing never to complain about traffic again after commuting on the Beltway), where I met my husband who was then stationed with the Army at Fort Leavenworth. In addition to being busy with my job in digital advertising, I’m running around with our rescue dog and 1.5 year old daughter. I also love volunteering with various organizations in KC, finding new creative outlets, exploring new places and things to do, shopping a good sale, aiming to keep my plants alive, and spending time with friends and family. Someday I also hope to get back into something I did before having a baby – triathlons! My ideal afternoon involves a stop at Family Tree Nursery, listening to podcasts in my car with the windows down, and trying a new restaurant. The real treat of the day would be to actually witness my toddler eating her veggies!

Celebrating 10 Years of Making Kansas City Home

Ten years ago, I packed up my belongings, said “see ya” to my Craigslist roommates, and moved across the country. I grew up in the Midwest (Nebraska, to be exact), but after graduating from...

Make the Most Out of Consignment Sales in Kansas City

I truly feel like rotating the clothes in my toddler daughter’s closet is a never-ending task. Is this the right season? Does it fit? Do we need this? BUT, I also truly love shopping...

Unique, Online KC Businesses For Your Shopping List

Gift buying season is in full swing, and I am here to share a few unique, local online businesses to check out while you’re checking names off your list. Don’t get me wrong, I...
mother with baby

My Daughter, My First Blood Relative

My daughter — our only child so far — recently turned two. Not only was it a time to celebrate her two wonderful years, it was a time I found myself going down DEEP...
supporting new mom

Supporting Friends that Become Moms

One of the best, unexpected things I’ve enjoyed as an adult is watching friends become parents. Some have teenagers and some have two-month-old babies, and it has been a wild ride watching them grow their...

A Trip Just For Me

I recently had a birthday. My husband and I love celebrating all the things, and he asked me numerous times leading up to it what I wanted as a gift. There wasn’t anything I could...
person holding two pairs of folded jeans

Post-Baby Body Image, Shopping IRL Again

I don’t know about you, but coming out of my pandemic cocoon has been hard. I recently went shopping to an actual store in preparation to finally attend an in-person event, and I’ll be honest...
kids coloring at a table

Let’s Hear It For The Daycare Workers

I became a first-time mom in fall of 2019. Prior to getting pregnant, I thought I could never do the stay-at-home mom thing. But, after spending a few months at home with my daughter,...
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