Hi, I’m Lizzie and you could say…I’m a little wild at heart. I’ve tried on a lot of different jobs, a lot of different towns-but now I’m home. I absolutely love KC. I have my own business, Lizzie Scribbles LLC, where I offer a complete range of writing, editing, and virtual assistance services. My partner, Greg, and I live in Independence with our 3 children – Grayson (11), Kase (10) and Adria (9). We love music, hiking, cooking, and family date nights.

Tooth Loss Traditions Around the World

Losing teeth is a rite of passage. I remember losing my two front teeth in excitement - just for them to be replaced by crooked teeth that the other kids said were too large...

Codependence vs. Interdependence: An Exploration of Healthy Dependency in Love

Hey lovebirds. It’s Valentine season and my mind has been circling around and around, contemplating how my experiences have shaped my beliefs about how I’m supposed to conduct myself in relationships. I wanted to explore...

Surprise of the Season: How Winter Won’t Make me SAD

Pre-pandemic, when it came to winter the cold DEFINITELY bothered me anyway. I dreaded the winter months and would trudge through them dreaming of the return to sunny days by the pool. Last year, I...

Surviving Child Defiance and Noncompliance

As I sit alone during my workday and think about how the evening could go there are so many conflicting feelings going through my mind. It’s part anxiety, part confidence, part frustration, part positivity.  The confident parent...

Why I Didn’t Change My Last Name

"Where do you find these guys?" my friend had asked me in disbelief as she witnessed me get married. Again. And not change my name.  Well, I don't know. I found one at work, and...

8 Tips to Empower Kids Starting a New School

The first time we moved was right after I completed third grade. I thought we were going to live in our farm home forever. My grandparents were across the field. My best friend and...

Bringing Back the Summer Bucket List

Leading up to summer 2020, I was full of good intentions. I had recently taken an interest in bullet journaling and maintaining several different types of lists. I sat on my back deck and...
mom with baby on lap, multitasking

Thoughts on Mother’s Day Marketing

Honestly? I’m almost too tired to write this. Let me regather my steam though because I know it was there when I saw that commercial. Actually not just one commercial, but two. And I rarely watch...
girl dancing in the living room

Celebrating Women’s History and Raising Rebel Girls

Feminism is my favorite F word (now that’s really saying something). Yet, I’ve had conflicting feelings about Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day. Part of me feels like, "Geez, the amount of energy...
little boy wearing an astronaut costume and a pink tutu

Gender & Expectations: Living in the Neutral Zone

Tutu girl. That’s what my son told me a bully at school called him. It was pajama day and he wanted to wear hot pink zip up jammies with a hood. They also had kitty...

Teaching Your Kids Financial Basics

Financial mistakes. I’ve made a few. There was the time I scoured the couch cushions for change to get to a job interview. The time I withdrew money from my retirement account because I...

Weathering a Pandemic When You Have Depression

Depression. My comfy old companion. Like a rainy, grey-painted world outside my window every day when I wake up. A big blanket I keep wrapped around my shoulders much of the time. Have I...
pic of mom and daughter baking in the kitchen

Being a Mom When You’re Bad with Kids

How to explain the struggle of being a mom when you're bad with kids... Have you seen the SNL skit with Kristen Stewart where she is stumped on how to interact with children so...
pic of Couple looking at view together

Relationships: Good at Fighting

I don’t want to brag, but I’m a pretty epic fighter. Master manipulator. Stoic stonewaller. Jedi justifier. Couples having a hard time in quarantine? Not me and my man, I’m just too good at...
Child looking sad by rainy window

Dealing with Disappointment: When FOMO is a Necessity

My dad had a lot of dad-isms. A lot of stories to impart wisdom. One that sticks out today is the Mickey Mouse Club. I don’t remember if I was upset about a certain...
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