Michelle Brack

Raised in Parkville, Michelle and her husband have stayed north of the river to raise their son, Maverick, and daughter, Kennedy. As a stay-at-home mom, Michelle thrives off of coffee and to-do lists. When she isn't juggling the demands of her toddler and infant, Michelle can be found wandering the aisles of Target or listening to Dave Matthews Band.
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Nobody Told Me About Mesh Panties

I prepared for the birth of my son as though it was a college final. I studied for nine months. I read every book, subscribed to all the mommy blogs and spent hours Googling...
9/11 anniversary

September 11: More Than A Chapter in Your History Book

I was in the sixth grade on September 11, 2001. I was in woodshop class - a class we had to take, and I hated it. It was a normal day, and while the...

Bitty Sports with the YMCA

I was against signing up our 3-year-old for sports. I thought he was too young and when I envisioned him playing ball, all I could picture was a lot of kicking and screaming. Honestly,...
Difficult child

Raising a Difficult Child is Not For The Weak

It’s a Monday. In our household that means my 3-year-old son has preschool. It also means that for the next hour and half, my morning will be filled with trying to prepare my son...

I Stopped Being a Mom and Found Myself

Let me begin by saying all the things that I feel obligated to say—yes, I love my children. Yes, I love being a mom. No, I wouldn’t change my life for anything. Now let me...

#shopKC2017 | Kansas City’s Local Holiday Shopping Guide

It's here! Kansas City Moms Blog is proud to present the 2017 edition of shopKC. We are thrilled to bring you holiday gift ideas from some of Kansas City's finest small businesses. From clothing to...

Managing A Marriage with A Traveling Husband

Most people don’t laugh when I tell them that my marriage only works because my husband is hardly ever home. But I don’t say it to be funny. I say it because it’s true....

A Stranger Told Me I Was A Bad Mom

I stood there in shock and disbelief. A woman I didn’t know, a stranger, was standing in the middle of the store, telling me I was a bad mother. I was four weeks postpartum. My...

I’m Scared to Raise a Daughter

It’s no secret — my mom is my best friend. She lives 7 minutes down the road and yet we speak daily. It’s unusual for us to go three days in a row without...

Encapsulating My Placenta

Two years ago, I fought a nasty battle with postpartum depression. I lost myself completely, missed out on major milestones of my son’s life and nearly took my own. When the fog of postpartum depression...
What Did You Do Today?

What Did You Do Today?

“What did you do today?” An innocent question my hard working husband often asks as he walks through the door after a long day at the office. I know he means well. I know he...
When Babies and Pets Don't Mix

When Babies and Pets Don’t Mix

I was a sophomore in college when Louie found his way into my mom’s garage. He was a white and orange kitten, no more than 2 months old and was taking shelter from the...
Our Journey Through the Five Love Languages

Our Journey Through The 5 Love Languages

Relationships are hard. It doesn’t matter if it’s date #3 or 10 years after saying, “I do,” choosing to love someone and spend every day by his or her side does not always come...
I Don't Want to Have it All

I Don’t Want To Have It All

For too long, I ranked my success as a mother on whether or not I could keep everything balanced. It was almost as though my life resembled spinning plates in a circus act, perfectly...

To My Fatherless Husband on Father’s Day

Dear Husband, It was a question that you asked during my pregnancy — “How am I supposed to be a good father when I didn’t have one?” I didn’t have an answer then because I don’t...
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