Mikayla Obermeier

Mikayla Obermeier
I’m a follower of Christ and a passionate lover of Disney (a major understatement). I love writing, roller coasters, new adventures to far off places, my whimsical mug collection, Harry Potter, fashion, video games, the pumpkin patch, sushi, Marvel, getting lost in fictional worlds, cruising in my green Jurassic Park jeep wrangler, the sun peaking over the mountains on a chilly morning and most of all my sweet little family. I’m a SAHM living in Olathe. I’ve been married for 7 years to the love of my life and best friend Brian who is an electrical engineer at Burns & McDonnell and is part time with the Air National Guard. We met at our church back in 2012 and dated long distance for about 3 years after he moved to KC for his job. I moved to KC to be with him after our wedding and the rest is history! We LOVE being parents to our sweet, big-hearted, hilarious son Jude, who is almost 4 and his little lover of a brother Hank, who's almost 2. I’m all about genuine connections, authenticity and sprinkling some magic into everyday life. Follow along with me @kctothekingdom on Instagram and over on my blog kctothekingdom.com where faith, life and magic come together!

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