Natalie is a Lee’s Summit freelance writer and mom to a sweet girl, Adelyn, and a spicy boy, Gage. She’s married to David, a dermatologist. This means she's that mom at the park in the wide-brimmed hat with nine bottles of sunscreen in her oversized purse. Natalie’s first job out of journalism school was as a health and cuisine reporter for a small-town newspaper. Today, her continued love for food, fitness, and family adventures are manifested on her lifestyle blog, Lovely Inside Out. Making healthy food from scratch is her jam, and you’ll often find her trashing her kitchen while making cashew butter, protein balls or plantain tortillas.

Fun, Healthy Ideas for Back-to-School Lunches

With my kids going into fourth and first grade this year, this isn’t my first time around the school cafeteria. I’ve seen my daughter select an entrée and then not want to eat it,...

Approaching the Holidays with Intuitive Eating

The season of holiday eating, ushered in by fun-sized candy bars and bowls brimming with candy corn and peanuts, can be a slippery slope toward months of more treats than usual for many moms,...

Focus Pointe Global Offers Moms an Opportunity to Earn Money, Shape Products

No matter how much joy we find in parenting, at some point all mothers can relate to the feeling of being overworked and underpaid. As a fellow Kansas City mom, I’m going to let...

Three Smoothie Recipes to Power Your Day

When my kiddos were small, they’d roll out of bed, come in for a snuggle and head straight to the kitchen. Breakfast was a priority, and I was happy to fill their little bellies...

Learning to Savor: Sorbet Summer

Fewer things are sweeter than fresh midsummer fruit. Except for taking said fruit, blending it with sugar and water, and freezing it for a summer treat, best savored poolside from a drippy cone. Our family...

Dermatologist-Recommended Safe Sunscreens for the Whole Family

As moms, we always want the best for our kids, and when it comes to choosing sun protection it’s no different. So how do we respond when news emerges that a product we slather...

When Mama’s Hangry: Easy, Healthy Eats To-Go

As moms, we’re ready for any hunger situation, with diaper bags and oversized totes crammed with squeeze apple sauces, gold fish crackers and sippy cups. But moms, when was the last time you packed...

Don’t Be Careful: Raising Risk Takers

As a girl, doing a backflip on the trampoline was easy for me. I could see where I was going and how I would land. A front flip on the other hand, was a...
random acts of kindness

Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week at Summit Fair

On Valentine’s Day, we express kindness and affection to those we love. But a box of chocolates here, a bouquet of flowers there … it’s almost too easy. Twelve hours of being loving and...

A Mom’s Guide to Kansas City Restaurant Week

  This January, I already have 200 reasons to ditch the diet. Or at least hit ‘pause’ as the 10thannual Kansas City Restaurant Week returns January 11-20, offering 10 days of multi-course lunch and dinner...

Playing Pretend with Santa

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who believed in Santa. She grew up and married a boy who believed in the love and magic of Christmas. But not in Santa Claus. This...
beer flights

Fall Craft Beer Tour – Lee’s Summit Style

  When we moved to Lee’s Summit in 2011, this place was a craft beer desert. Of course, my husband and I loved venturing into downtown Kansas City to explore Boulevard and the bevy of...

Momsomnia: When a Nap Won’t Solve the Problem

Last year, insomnia turned me into someone I didn’t know. I became a mom who woke up in the morning with barely enough time to rush her kids out the door and watch them...
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