Sarah Rotert

Sarah Rotert
I grew up in Liberty, just a few blocks off from the square. After a brief stint at Iowa State University, hubby and I returned to the Northland in KC to welcome our twin girls into the world. Soon after we were parents to 2, we were parents to 3. And after a bit of a hiatus, we returned to infant hood with the birth of our 4th child. As our twin daughters have special needs, I changed my course of study and earned an A.S. in Sign Language Interpreting. We used American Sign Language as our primary communication for the first 2 years of their lives. Over the last 9 years since becoming a mom, I've learned (and am still learning) about childhood advocacy, living on budget, baby wearing, cloth diapering, figuring out how to plan/shop/execute yummy/kid-friendly/healthy meals. While we've been life long KC residents, we are continuously in awe of what this city has to offer.

Sea Life and LEGOLAND: two attractions, LOTS of fun!

Kansas City has a plethora of family-friendly venues; two such "staycation"-worthy spots are Sea Life Aquarium and LEGOLAND, located at Crown Center in the heart of Kansas City. I was so excited to have the...

Putting Our Toes in the Water with the Special Olympics

Last year, I approached a Special Olympics coach about the possibility of my girls participating in their swimming program. We were excited when the girls started Challenger swim, a program for children and young...

Losing It

Pregnancy physically changes a mother's body: changes that are beautiful, but in my experience, hard to embrace when you already struggle with your frame. I once received a comment from a young woman before she entered motherhood, afraid...

Mind Your Marriage

"We're going to a marriage seminar." That was my reason for not participating in a sprint triathlon this past February. While the indoor sprint triathlon was something I would have liked to do, the marriage...

World Down Syndrome Day: A Day to Celebrate

Today, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Day. This will be the ninth year officially recognizing three copies of the 21st chromosome.  The theme of this year's celebration is focused on health and well-being....

Advocating for Your Child

(Note: The following tips are based only on my personal experiences; not all states and/or school districts operate in this way.) When you realize that your parenting journey is different than you imagined it would...

Preparing for a Sleep Study

Having children changed me in many of the same ways that motherhood has changed you; things which used to be a high priority (like a daily shower) seemed to find a lower priority level...

Sanity in Sickness

I'm pretty sure that somewhere in the certainties of life, the fact that you have children also means that you will experience sick children. Some years will be better than others; during those years,...

A Mom’s Road Trip Survival Guide

Sometimes I feel like motherhood is one ongoing "to do" list. I try not to focus on those pesky things that make me feel overwhelmed, but during the holiday season - and especially when...

Categorical Changes

(Note: This is the second post in our series dedicated to Prematurity Awareness Day; to read the other posts in this series, click here.) During our routine twenty-week sonogram with our first pregnancy, we learned that we...

Back to School, Again

While August is long gone and the excitement of the first day of school is over for traditional students, I am preparing for my second week of class. Going back to school was something I...

Therapeutic Riding

It's Horse Day! Known as Thursday by the general population, Horse Day is probably my girls' favorite day of the week. The girls started therapeutic horseback riding (THR) in June, 2012. They ride most...


We all have stress; that's no surprise to anyone. But I think it's fair to say we've been surprised by how some people respond to stress. Have you ever been faced with a stressful...

Searching For Gratitude

One night, as I was doing the never-ending dishes, I found myself having a pretty negative self-talk dialogue. "I'm so tired, why do my kids eat so much, why do I keep cooking, are theses...

One Foot Forward

Nine years ago, when my husband and I first became parents, we thought the most complicated part of parenthood was going to be as parents of girls - twin girls. I grew up with...
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