Victoria Ukaoma Rose

Victoria Ukaoma Rose
Victoria Ukaoma Rose is a mama to three vibrant girls, Zion (6), Okalani (4), and Shiloh (born in December of 2019). She has been married to her class act of a husband, Brad, who is a high school English teacher and PA announcer for 8 years. While they both grew up in Wichita, they have resided in Kansas City, KS for quite some time and love their diverse neighborhood. A journalism major, turned social worker, turned special education teacher, Victoria has loved writing for as long as she can remember. She is also passionate about keeping it real in her journey as a mom, social justice activism and leaning into her truest self. When she isn’t fully submerged in motherhood, she enjoys browsing houses on Zillow, making new watercolor creations for her Etsy shop MeltingPotLove, devouring audiobooks/podcasts/interesting tv shows and throwing down in the kitchen. Victoria is grateful for the opportunity to connect with so many amazing mothers in the KC metro and beyond.
young Black girl getting her hair done

Hair Wash Day with My Three Biracial Daughters

It has been decades since the last time my mom washed and styled my hair. Yet, even after all this time, the nostalgic memories of Saturday wash day at the kitchen sink still sit...
group of diverse women hugging

Body Neutrality: A Life-Changing Middle Ground

Back in 2014, days after giving birth to my first child, I stood bleary-eyed and naked in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to make sense of my newly postpartum body. Overcome with disbelief...
couple sitting together

Sparking Connection with Your Significant Other

A year ago, as the entire world seemed to shut down, my husband and I experienced a significant increase in our togetherness.  At the time, it felt like I had won the lottery.  Spring is usually...

10 Inspirational Black Mothers to Follow on Instagram

In a time where so many of us are navigating an isolated motherhood journey, there is something to be celebrated about finding social media spaces that radiate community, compassion, and encouragement. As a Black...
house decked out in holiday lights

Surviving Holiday Lights with Little Ones

I will never forget the first year my husband and I made grand plans to look at holiday lights as a family.   It was December of 2014, and we had invited my in-laws along for...
pic of woman looking calm

Self-Worth: How Radical Acceptance Is Getting Me Through

Our minivan was stolen from the school parking lot at the beginning of October. At the end of a long day of teaching, as I frantically retraced the area where I had left it, I...
pic of family watching tv together

10 Family Friendly Shows and Movies

In my last surge of nesting, I had convinced myself that a Roku would be a maternity leave necessity. Little did I realize just how timely this on-the-whim, Black Friday purchase would become. Three...
pic of black mother nursing infant

Black Breastfeeding Week: My Journey

I have often wondered what my own breastfeeding outcomes would have looked like if not for the immediate encouragement of my mom, my husband, my midwives, my doulas, my chiropractor, and my close mama...
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