Babysitting Classes in Kansas City

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One of the best first jobs for teenagers is babysitting and there is no shortage of parents looking for a sitter. There are two important steps for getting trained: taking a babysitting course and getting certified in pediatric first aid and CPR. Some classes offer only the babysitting certificate while others include the pediatric first aid and CPR component. Many of the local programs are geared toward middle schoolers but if your child is already in high school they should still be able to take the course.

Babysitting Classes in Kansas City

Safe Sitter Classes 

Safe Sitter classes are offered at many places around the city: libraries, fire departments, community centers, and more. Do a search on their find a class page to see what is offered near you. The classes include safety and childcare skills as well as first aid and CPR training. The cost of the classes will vary.

American Red Cross Classes

The American Red Cross offers online classes that cover the babysitting basics as well as an in-person class that also includes first aid and CPR training. If you are just looking for the first aid/CPR piece that is also an option through the American Red Cross.

Babysitting Certification Institute

This is an online go at your own pace certification program. They offer a first time certificate and a re-certification class.

Other Places that Offer Babysitting Training Courses

Bailey Training and Support

This postpartum doula offers Safe Sitter as well as CPR classes for teenagers wanting to get trained. Sign up for a current class or you can request one for a group.

JCCC Summer Youth Enrichment Course

A Red Cross babysitting course is offered as part of the JCCC summer enrichment program for teens.

Jewish Community Center

The J offers a safe sitter course for kids from 11-14 as well as a safe at home course for 8-11 year olds that will be staying home alone.

Local Hospital Systems

Advent Health offers a babysitting course as well as a CPR course specifically for adolescents.

Olathe Health also offers a babysitting course.

Parks and Recreation Departments

Check your local parks and rec activity catalog. I found babysitting courses listed in the Gardner and Blue Valley Rec catalogs but others may offer it as well.

Platte County Health Department

Safe Sitter classes are offered at different times of the year and include first aid and CPR training.

Public Library Systems

Olathe Public Library was the only library I was able to find currently offering a babysitting course but others may offer it as well.

First Aid and CPR Training

American Heart Association

American Red Cross


If you’re looking for a sitter or your teen wants to find places to offer their services, check out our guide to finding a babysitter in Kansas City.



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