Spring Hill Families Now Have Access to High Speed Internet

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Families in Spring Hill now have the resources needed to stay connected and engaged, thanks to Comcast’s completed expansion of its next-generation Xfinity network in the area. Comcast has invested more than $13 million to install more than 90 miles of new fiber-rich highways that will offer residential broadband speeds faster than 1 gigabit per second (Gbps) and business speeds up to 100 Gbps. The completion is part of Comcast’s ongoing expansion in the Midwest where Comcast is also expanding into Paola/Hillsdale.

For Spring Hill families, this expansion means access to all Xfinity Internet service offerings with speeds faster than 1 Gig and advanced WiFi technology from powerful gateways capable of delivering reliable and consistent connections for real-time activities like gaming, live streaming, and video conferencing with ultra-low lag. Residents will also have access to the Xfinity X1 video platform, Xfinity Home, Comcast’s professionally installed home
security solution, and Xfinity Mobile, one of the nation’s fastest growing mobile services that can save customers hundreds of dollars a year on their mobile bills and is top ranked in customer satisfaction.

Comcast understand that raising kids in the digital age can be difficult. The Xfinity network helps parents manage children’s screen time usage with the Xfinity app. Parents are able to:

  • Monitor all devices in our home by organizing them into individual profiles, this includes guest devices and those for our household like the thermostat or printer.
  • Set time limits for use of specified devices and see what individual device usage looks like.
  • Push pause on network access at scheduled times per user (mealtimes, bedtimes, etc.) or as needed.

To learn more, visit xfinity.com or visit a Xfinity store near you.

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