Medicinal Cannabis Basics with BesaMe Wellness (sponsored)

Join us for an intriguing and informational conversation with medicinal cannabis expert and registered nurse, Matt Cascio. Matt is well known throughout Missouri for his knowledge of cannabis and is an educational resource at BesaMe Wellness, a large dispensary in Missouri.  

In our conversation, we cover the basics of medicinal cannabis, stigmas and their origins, safety with the product, services BesaMe provides, and the upcoming vote to legalize cannabis for recreational use in November 2022.

Connect with Matt Cascio

Matt Cascio has been a registered nurse for 23 years. He has
worked in various areas including the OR, Case Management,
Critical Care and Oncology. Matt has been studying the
research on cannabis as medicine since 2014 when he began
his journey to learn about the ECS, terpenes and the
effectiveness of cannabis.  He was the Nurse Educator for a
chain of CBD stores before joining Cannabis Care Team. Matt is well known throughout Missouri for his knowledge of cannabis and is an educational resource for BesaMe Wellness, a large dispensary group in Missouri.

Matt’s goal is to help patients meet theirs. He is dedicated to providing education on dosing, methods of administration, potentially therapeutic strains, side effects, and drug
interactions. Matt is a member of the American Cannabis Nurses Association, The Cannabis Nurses Network and Cannabis Certified by The Medical Cannabis Institute.

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BesaMe Wellness

Winner of the 2021 “Best Customer Service Award” by The Pitch Kansas City, BesaMe Wellness take pride in serving their patients with the same integrity no matter which location you visit. With their fast and secure online ordering and delivery service, you have access to your medicine and other cannabis-related accessories when you need them. Their inventory is live and up-to-date on our online store, so you can find the right product in stock for the right price. To learn more about how cannabis can benefit you, or for assistance applying for your Missouri Medical Marijuana Card, don’t hesitate to call, click, or come on in. They are here to help!

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