The Health Benefits of Dairy (Sponsored)


Join us for a conversation on the health benefits of dairy with our two awesome guests, Dr. Gabriel Schifman of the Pediatric ER at OPRMC and local dietitian, Bethany Frazier. We cover the health benefits of dairy, difference between intolerance and allergy, when and how to introduce it to your baby, and practical ways to incorporate dairy in day-to-day life. 

Connect with Dr. Gabriel Schifman

Dr. Gabriel Schifman is the Medical Director of the Pediatric ER at Overland Park Regional Medical Center.  You may remember Dr. Schifman from previous interviews with us both on podcast and Facebook/IG. He’s a KCMC favorite!



Connect with Bethany Frazier

Bethany is is a registered and licensed dietician and the owner of her private practice “The Kansas City Dietitian” specializing in personalized nutrition. Since 2015 Bethany and her team have been helping clients find sustainable food and lifestyle choices that fit their unique needs. Bethany has carved out her niche in the area of GI nutrition.  When Bethany is not helping her clients find nourishing meals she is spending time with her husband and three kids in Overland Park.


Thank you to our episode sponsor!

Midwest Dairy

Midwest Dairy’s mission is to give consumers an excellent dairy experience. They focus their efforts on sharing insights and developing programs and resources for retail, health and wellness, school food service and industry partners. Midwest Dairy’s goal is to maximize their impact by working with and through our partners to share information and real-time experiences that showcase how dairy products resonate with today’s consumer: responsibly produced, nutrient-rich, locally driven and offers real enjoyment.

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