Where to Get Ears Pierced in Kansas City

young girl getting her ears pierced

For many of us, getting our ears pierced was a rite of passage as we entered our tween or teen years (although in the 90s nobody called us tweens!) Now many of us find ourselves with kids of our own that are eager to get their ears pierced, and the options seem more complicated.

Piercing gun, hand-pressured instrument or needle piercing? Go to the mall or go to a tattoo/piercing parlor? There are a lot of options to get ears pierced in Kansas City.

Things to Consider When Getting Ears Pierced

  • Start by doing some reading about the difference between piercing guns, hand-pressured instrument, and needle piercing. Talk to friends about their experiences with these different methods. As with most things parenting related, many people have strong feelings about this! Do your research and decide what you prefer.
  • If needle piercing is your preference, you can do a search on safepiercing.org for
    Getting her ears pierced at Radiance Piercing

    a piercer that is part of the Association of Professional Piercers.

  • It’s important to consider the personality and comfort level of your child. Would they do better in a quiet and more private setting like a doctor’s office? Or, would they be fine getting their ears pierced in the middle of the mall or Target?
  • Consent is key. Many piercers will simply not do a piercing if the child is not giving verbal consent (in addition to the paperwork and documentation from their parent giving written consent). It’s important to be sure your child is really ready to get their ears pierced and willing and able to give that consent when the time comes.
  • Find out what documentation your chosen piercer requires. Many require a picture ID from the parent and a copy of the child’s birth certificate. Some also require a notorized consent form so some pre-planning is needed in that case. Others need proof of certain vaccinations before they can give the piercing. Call and find out exactly what documentation is needed.
  • Make an appointment! Most places do not take walk-ins.
  • Some places will let you bring in your own earrings. Others offer the piercing for free if you buy the earrings from them. Some require you purchase earrings from them for the piercing. Read up on kinds of metals and decide what kind you’d prefer.

Options for Getting Ears Pierced in Kansas City

Pediatrician Offices

Some pediatrician offices will do ear piercings for current patients. I was not able to find any local offices that will do ear piercing for patients not already being seen in their office, so I recommend reaching out to your pediatrician’s office to find out if they offer this service.

Piercing/Tattoo Parlors Offering Needle Piercing

Shopping Malls

Banter by Piercing Pagoda | Website

Available at Oak Park Mall and Independence Center. Ages 2 months and up with first DTaP vaccine.

Claire’s | Website

Ages 3 months and up with first DTaP vaccine. They have seven metro locations including Oak Park Mall, Independence Center, Town Center Plaza, Ward Parkway Center, The Legends, SummitWoods Crossing and two Walmart stores.

Icing | Website

Ages 3 months and up with first DTaP vaccine. Locations at Oak Park Mall and Independence Center.

Other Businesses

Bloom Pediatrics | Website

This is a concierge pediatrician’s office that offers ear piercing to infants and young children. Infants must be at least 2 months old and have received their first set of immunizations. They offer extras such as numbing cream and in home piercings for an additional fee. Her office is in Kansas City, KS not far from the Plaza.

Bronzed N Beautiful | Website

This esthetician has 19 years as a professional body piercer. All piercings are done with a needle and the child must give their own verbal consent so age will vary depending on the child’s maturity. Salon is located in Overland Park, KS.

Elite Aesthetics | Website

A register nurse will use a medical grade piercing gun and can pierce from ages infant on up. Office is located in Overland Park, KS.

Helzberg Diamonds | Website

Some locations offer ear piercing (the Oak Park Mall location does not) for children ages 6 years and up.

ReSchuvenate | Website

Hillary Schuberger is a nurse that offers piercing services starting around 3 months old. She pierces with a piercing gun using sterile single using cartridges that contain piercing studs made from medical grade titanium or medical grade plastic. She is located in Bonner Springs, KS.

Rowan Piercing Studio | Website

The name might sound familiar to you because Rowan was previously offering ear piercing inside Target stores until that partnership ended in late 2022. A Rowan piercing studio is now open on the Country Club Plaza and they offer both device and needle piercing by licensed nurses. Children can be pierced starting at 2 months old with at least one DTaP vaccine.

Shear Madness | Website

There are three metro locations with different minimum ages: Olathe (2 months and up), Lee’s Summit (6 months and up), and the Northland (1 year and up).

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