5 Reasons to Enroll in the Smart Thermostat Program

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Remember when you were young, and your parents would yell “close the door! Are you trying to cool/heat the entire street?” You probably rolled your eyes. Well, it isn’t until you become an adult, and you get an electric bill in the dog days of summer or the brutal tundra like winters that you suddenly sound exactly like your parents.

When renovating a house, the fun upgrades are new kitchen cabinets, counter tops, floors, carpets, and perhaps doors and windows. We splurge in the modern technology that allows vacuums, ovens, and refrigerators to be controlled from an app on our phones. But, what is often overlooked is the house thermostat. I’ll be the first to admit that something so small isn’t as exciting to me or a priority, but after learning the benefits of upgrading to a smart thermostat, it may soon find its way to the top of your list.

Here are five simple reasons we chose to enroll in the Evergy Smart Thermostat Program.thermostat

1. Out with the Old, In with the New

Let’s start with the obvious, a smart thermostat looks nicer on your wall and compliments the new projects you may be taking on in your home. Evergy offers a variety of smart thermostats to choose from at an unbeatable cost. They are currently running a great promotion where some thermostats are up to 70% off to the end of July and the Ecobee thermostat is offered FREE.

2. The Power is at the Tip of Your Fingers

The convenience of being able to control the temperature of our home from our phone was a big determent for us. With a busy lifestyle, it is easy to forget to set it to our preference as we walk out the door. If you leave for a vacation, it is one less thing on your list of things to take care of. Let’s not forget about the crazy Missouri weather and how we can go from one season to another in a matter of hours.

3. Think Less! It’s a SMART Thermostat

It learns your preferences and can adjust to heat or cool your house efficiently. Some of the newer models have sensors to monitor when people are actually in the house, and others can read the weather in your area and adjust BEFORE that front even moves through.

4. Impact Your Community

The thermostat program allows you to participate in energy saving events that help manage energy usage across your community. These events take place on extreme heat days between June 1 and September 30 only between 12pm and 9pm. They are sporadic and you always have the control to opt out of the event from your app if that is not a good time for you. You are always in control!

5. Save More Than Energy

The savings sealed the deal for us. You can save up to 23% on energy cost by enrolling in the program and purchasing a thermostat. Plus, Evergy will pay you $25 a year after the first year to participate in the program. You can save time and money on the DIY installation option they offer as well. It is easy to follow along with the video tutorials provided on Evergy’s website.

Doing our small part to preserve energy is important to us, and we hope to pass on these values to our son. Though I am fully aware that I too will get a few eye rolls when I shout, “shut the door”, I hope to be able to teach him about the cost-effective decisions we made in our home and how that can lead to a greater impact in our community and the world. If anything, we simply feel skilled for adding another DIY item to our list.

Evergy’s Smart Thermostat Program is cost effective and a no brainer for our family.

Adriana Predmore
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