Kara Montgomery

Kara Montgomery
Kara is a coffee loving, pregnant, stay at home toddler and dog mom. Kara and her wife have been doing life together for 11 years and married for 6. They are raising their kids in a rural suburb just outside Kansas City and navigating raising kiddos that don’t know life outside of a global pandemic. Home improvement projects, playing in nature, and time with family are what keep them sane. A current focus in her personal life is remembering and relearning the joy in all things she enjoyed before they became her “job” or the “grown up thing” to do, like cooking, cleaning, and exercising; and always working towards growth and balance.
feet under sheets

The Right Tool For The Job: Sex Toys Guide

This article is Not Safe For Work! Alright friends, buckle up tight because we’re about to deep dive into the world of sex toys. Every trade has its tool, and pleasure comes with a whole...
mom delivering box of food to friend

Stop Asking What You Can Do To Help

Recently, my infant son required urgent surgery. We’d been searching for a diagnosis for over a month and finally, after begging for an appointment with the specialist I believed would have some answers, a diagnosis...
scheduling sex on calendar

Making Time for Sex and Parenthood

If I could create my dream job, I’d find myself in a position of being somewhere between Dear Abby and Dr. Ruth. The trouble with that is, I am highly under qualified for such...
Two moms with their son

Father’s Day in a Two Mom Family

In the early 90s, there was a popular TV show where the baby affectionately called the dad “not the mama.” This was always just an entertaining catchphrase until our daughter essentially deemed my wife...
two pairs of feet between the sheets

Sex: Dropping Shame and Seeking Fulfillment

A local therapist caught my attention on social media with her body-positive, sex-positive, no-shame, quirky videos. Cassie Willnauer is a Licensed Professional Counselor working toward becoming a Sexologist. I recently interviewed her about sex,...
three siblings fishing

Siblings Day

What is it about the middle kid? Heaven forbid they get anything to themselves, right? Here it is, April 10th: Siblings Day, and my own brother (the middle sibling) is even having to share...
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