Exploring Springfield, Illinois: A Perfect Getaway for Families

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Welcome, fellow moms, to Springfield, Illinois, where there truly is something for everyone. From historic sites to family-friendly attractions, this charming city promises an enriching and relaxing experience. Pack your bags, leave your worries behind, and let’s dive into the wonders Springfield has to offer. Springfield, Illinois was a 5-hour drive from Kansas City. We packed our bags, snacks and lots of games for the car ride and planned to stop at least twice to stretch our legs and get some energy out. 

We arrived at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Friday afternoon to an amazing view of the Illinois state Capitol and spacious rooms. This location was perfect for all the activities we had planned.

Our first stop was The Henson Robinson Zoo. This was a delight for both little ones and adults, with its diverse collection of animals and interactive exhibits.

For dinner on our first night we dined at Cozy Drive In, located on historic Route 66. The Cozy Drive In is home of the original hot dog on a stick, and as their signs boast, they are much better than a corn dog. I found myself nostalgic for a time I never even experienced.

Our first stop on our second day was to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Here, you’ll step back in time to learn about the life and legacy of the revered president. We learned about Abraham Lincoln before he was President and about their family’s transition into White House. 

Mom Tip: The museum has scavenger hunts for both little and big kids. Grab the scavenger hunts to help keep the kiddos engaged. Our daughter is 3 years old, and we spent over two hours at the museum. 

Next, we traveled to the Kidzeum of Health and Science. This was the perfect spot for our daughter to not only get some energy out, but learn something in the process. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they do a great job of making sure that everyone has a good time. If you’re looking for a fun and educational experience for your kids, the Kidzeum is definitely worth checking out!

After our time at Kidzeum, we walked across the street to Cafe Moxo for a great selection of sandwiches and cookies – all prepared fresh daily.

After lunch and a brief rest, we arrived at the Lincoln Home National Historic Site, a beautifully preserved residence where Lincoln once lived with his family. Immerse yourself in the history that shaped America’s past. We even got to hear Lincoln’s farewell address outside his family home.

Mom Tip: As a National Park, make sure to ask about being a Junior Ranger and complete the (age appropriate) activity book to get your badge.

On our last dinner in town, we stopped at Abe’s Hideout. We were met by a friendly staff and an extensive menu – from BBQ to Italian. We ended our dinner with an ice cream sundae. 

On our last day in town, we first stopped at Lincoln’s Tomb. Visiting Lincoln’s tomb is an incredible experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. The tomb is the final resting place of President Abraham Lincoln, his wife Mary Todd Lincoln, and three of their four sons. The tomb is a beautiful structure that is rich in history and symbolism.

After visiting Lincoln’s Tomb, we had brunch at Boone’s. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming, so you won’t feel out of place if you have young children with you. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is cozy, and everyone is sure to have a great time.

Our last stop before hitting the road was the Illinois State Museum, a fantastic destination for anyone interested in history, art, and science. Notably, the museum has an entire area dedicated to children for them to explore. This was the perfect last adventure before we hopped back in our car.

Mom Tip: We bought our daughter a $25 digital camera on Amazon to keep her engaged at the museums. She loved being able to take her own pictures.

Springfield, Illinois, is a hidden gem that caters to the adventurous spirit of moms and families. Whether you’re seeking history, nature, family fun, or a well-deserved break, Springfield has it all. Embrace the charm of this city, make unforgettable memories, and return home with a heart full of joy and contentment. So pack your bags, gather your loved ones, and set forth on an unforgettable journey to Springfield! Happy travels, moms! 

Ali Liggett
li was born and raised in Lee’s Summit, MO and graduated from the University of Central Missouri with a degree in Political Science. She met her wife, Abby, in 2015 and the two now live in Leawood, KS currently with their amazing toddler, Amelia. In addition to wrangling her toddler, Ali loves adventures, road trips, Diet Dr. Pepper and advocating for causes she cares about. She’s never met a stranger and loves connecting with new friends. Ali is excited to be joining the Kansas City Mom Collective and to share her unique perspective on becoming a mom, advocating for mental health awareness and learning how to be a more socially responsible human (and raising socially responsible tiny humans).


  1. Thank you Ali for writing this great piece on Springfield! We loved having you and your family here and hope you can return and explore more!!

  2. Hi! Springfield native here! I’m a transplant to Kansas City. We had our wedding in the Abe Lincoln Museum! Love it!!
    Next time, add Darcy’s Pint to your food options. Horseshoes are a Springfield classic, and Darcy’s has the very best 😁

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