Gearing up for Prom

It’s prom season in our house! My freshman and junior are beyond excited. This mommy is not as excited as I am sad to see my babies growing up.

We have a few short weeks until the big day and this prom has given me the to do list that never ends – no joke! We’ve already started dress and suit shopping. Both teens will need to get their hair styled. My daughter wants her nails and toes done. My son wants a special dipped corsage for his date, and we still have to get photos for the day.

My weekends are normally busy with sports, church, visiting my parents, and grocery shopping. Now I add all the fittings, multiple suit shops, and shopping for makeup to create the perfect look. I am one mama who is a bit overwhelmed.

One thing that I knew going into shopping for two teenagers at the same time was I needed a budget. This was crucial to making our experience a success. My daughter was blessed to find her prom dress for FREE at WCC Prom Boutique in Lee’s Summit! I was so excited and thankful for this event that helped hundreds of young ladies find the dress of their dreams.

My daughter and I shopped for this dress for three hours when she tried on 50 different dresses. Some were too short or too long, showing too much cleavage, or (my favorite) the slits were too high up the legs. Then this dress somehow popped out of the rack and into my hands, or at least that’s what I think happened. My daughter was not a fan at first and I begged her to try it on. I knew she found the one when I saw her face light up. At that moment, I was so emotional. Because all I saw was my little girl playing dress up in my clothes and shoes. It’s just an amazing time in her life, and she is growing into a young woman.

Now for my son. He has been a bit more on the difficult side of things. We have been to three tux shops, and he has yet to find the perfect slim fit that he likes for his suit. Who would have thought shopping for my son would be harder than shopping for my daughter? Jay keeps saying that since he was invited by a junior, his suit has to be “lit” (still not sure what that means) and non-traditional.  So  the priority to find something that makes him feel “lit!”  

Ultimately, I  have to say the process of getting two kiddos ready for prom has been such a fun and bonding experience for me and the kids. My biggest hope for them is to enjoy every moment of their special day, be with their friends, and make the most incredible memories that night. 

I'm Sherita! I am married to my BFF Scott and we have 5 awesome kiddos. We are a blended family, and every day is an adventure in our home. I was born in Kansas City and raised in Colorado Springs for part of my childhood. After some moving around and life changes. I decided to come back home, best decision I have made! We call North Kansas City home and we absolutely love it. Its the small-town feel within the big city. When I am not taking my kids somewhere, or knee-deep in laundry I enjoy crafting, bible journaling, being involved in my kids' schools, and thrift store shopping! So basically I am busy crafting, momma who loves God and a good deal! Nice to meet y'all.