Kansas City’s New Inclusive Airport Terminal | Kansas City MomCast Episode 39

Kansas City’s new airport terminal features are unique to our city with an intentional focus on inclusivity and accessibility for all people and families. We invited Deborah Wiebrecht, the executive director of Variety KC, to discuss how this airport plays into her larger goals of making Kansas City the most inclusive city in the world.

Check out our guide to the Family Friendly Features at the New Airport!

Meet Deborah Wiebrecht

Deborah is the Chief Inclusion Officer for Variety Children’s Charity of Kansas City.

She is passionate about including the special needs population in our community and loves Kansas City’s openness to improve.

Variety KC has been a charity in KC for over 80 years and has been the driver of change to turn Kansas City into the most inclusive city in the nation. They have partnered with the city of KCMO, KCMO Parks and Rec, Sporting KC, The Current, Kauffman Center for Performing Arts, the KC Zoo, Starlight Theatre, B&B Theatres, Spinning Tree Theatre, the Royals, the Mavericks, the Monarchs and more. 

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What We’re Loving In Kansas City

The New Kansas City International Airport Terminal

Sarah got to attend the ribbon cutting for Variety KC and can’t wait to fly out of our beautiful new airport soon! Check out our article all about the family friendly features of this beautiful new space.

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