A Guide to Travis and Taylor Swag in Kansas City

We’ve got back-to-back championships from our fabulous Chiefs! While in past years, it was all about Championship gear, this year Travis and Taylor gear is in high demand.

The Travis and Taylor fever is undeniable, which is why so many small business owners are focused on creating great Swift and Kelce collections. Here are some of our favorites from Kansas City makers.

Best Taylor and Travis Gear in Kansas City

Staschwa Creative 

This small business is owned by a talented artist who paints, is a photographer and creates clothing and accessories. She’s also passionate about size inclusivity. There’s no paying extra for being plus size at this online store. So, you’ll pay the same price whether you’re a small or a 3XL. I personally own a few of her shirts and they are so comfortable! Visit her online store to order.

Painted Tree Boutique

Painted Tree specializes in curating from many of our local small businesses. They have a wide range of items including earrings, hats, tumblers, cup holders and more. I love that they have clothing for adults and kids, because as you probably know, kids want in on these trendy finds as well! Painted Tree Boutique is open daily, so hop on over and check out these great Kelce/Swift goodies.



A Store Named Stuff 

Here is another local boutique that has done the hard work for you and found local creators and compiled a unique collection of items. Located in Brookside, this store is in the perfect location if you’re unable to shop directly in the downtown area. Here, you’ll find a curation of great items. Go check out them out in person or online.

Cottage Lane Boutique

This woman-owned boutique offers so many great Kelce and Swift items! Along with having amazing reviews, the owner is so kind and easy to work with. The boutique offers many size options for their clothing which are truly one of a kind. You can order by Private Messaging through Facebook or you can visit their website!

Crafting Wonderfully 

Now here’s a small hidden gem! This small business owner started out creating earrings and has broadened her business to include some great items, including a variety of Travis/Taylor apparel. Crafting Wonderfully attends local artisan fairs and events, so be on the lookout on her Facebook page as she updates her schedule. If you would like to order from the business online, the best method is to send a PM through Facebook.


Westside Story 

This local business may be one of the well known. Located in Westside, this shop has everything KC you could possibly want. That, of course, includes some great Swift finds. As if you need an excuse to visit one of our favorite KC areas, feel free to go in and browse their extensive collection or order online.


Pink Dinosaur

Zona Rosa is filled with great shops. It would be easy to spend an entire day roaming from store to store, which includes the adorable Pink Dinosaur. If you’re looking for super trendy Taylor finds, this is the shop for you. With sizes for both adults and youth, you can find everything you need at this store. Some items may be sold out, so you can contact the store or just head on in and see what they’ve added to their store.


Shop Local KC

With two location to choose from, Crown Center and Brookside, this shop rerpesents the very essence of shopping local and the importance of doing so. With a unique collection of stunningly adorable items, they do, of course, also have all the Swift/Kelce swag you’ll need for game days, Valentine’s day, or just any day.

Olive Street Boutique

This is small business has an amazing selection of Chiefs, KC and Swift/Kelce apparel. Their selection is unique and looks super comfy! There is free shipping if you order over $75 online. In-person pickup is available in St. Joseph, but make sure you read the shipping policy for more details.


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