Megan Coffey

Hi! I'm Megan, former teacher turned stay-at-home-but-never-home mom to Peyton, 7, and Gage, 4. I host the Kansas City MomCast podcast! I'm married to the most patient person on this earth, Chris, and we live in Overland Park with our kids, an insane lab, and two guinea pigs. You can find me over committing to everything, reading informational and self-help texts, listening to podcasts, organizing, spending time with friends over margaritas, thrifting, and staying up way too late to have peace and serenity. I love people and hearing their stories and look forward to connecting with KCMC readers!

The Connection Between Home Environment and Mental Health (sponsored)

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. This is the perfect time to check in with ourselves and our family members. When you’re struggling with your mental health, just getting through the day can be hard,...

Autism Acceptance | Kansas City MomCast Episode 42

April is Autism Acceptance month, and our discussion today will touch the latest information on autism identification, therapies, resources in Kansas City, and how we can all be allies for families with an autistic...
college football

The NFL Draft Comes to Kansas City | Kansas City MomCast Episode 41

As many of you know, the NFL draft is in our city this month! We are invited to join the three-day event which will take place April 27-29 across Kansas City’s iconic Union Station,...

Managing Sibling Relationships | Kansas City MomCast Episode 40

Summer is coming faster than we think, and that means time for summer camps, sports practices and... sibling fighting. Today, we're discussing the most common struggles when parenting siblings, how much fighting is normal,...

Kansas City’s New Inclusive Airport Terminal | Kansas City MomCast Episode 39

Kansas City's new airport terminal features are unique to our city with an intentional focus on inclusivity and accessibility for all people and families. We invited Deborah Wiebrecht, the executive director of Variety KC,...

Pornography and Our Kids | Kansas City MomCast Episode 38

The average age of first pornography exposure is nine years old (Defend Young Minds). Early exposure to pornography—especially today’s violent, degrading porn—can lead to major problems later in life, including increased risk of addiction,...
pic of friends sitting on a bench

Finding Mom Community | Kansas City MomCast Episode 37

In our latest episode, we are talking about mom community — what is it and how to find it. We always hear the importance of finding a village, but where is it?! Local mom and...
Harrison Butker on the Kansas City MomCast

Life Off The Field With Harrison Butker (Sponsored)

On today's episode we have the pleasure of interviewing  Harrison Butker of our very own Kansas City Chiefs. Harrison is married, has two small children, and is placekicker for the Chiefs. In our interview, we...

How To Play With Your Child | Kansas City MomCast Episode 36

It's currently winter time here in Kansas City and for many of us, that means lots of indoor play for our kids. We know this can be challenging for moms who are also trying...

Family Boundaries During The Holidays | Kansas City MomCast Episode 35

Holiday time often means lots of time with family. Family dynamics can be tough as it is, and then you add the pressure of the holidays, it can be a lot for anyone to...

Top Toys and Gifts By Age | Kansas City MomCast Episode 34

It's holiday time and just a few more weeks of shopping left! If you're looking for gift ideas, this episode is for you. Jane Girson, owner of The The Learning Tree in Prairie Village,...
lights at Sar Ko Park

The Best of Holidays in Kansas City | Kansas City MomCast Episode 33

This episode of Kansas City MomCast is packed with all you need to know to experience the best of the holidays in Kansas City! Join us for a festive and information packed episode. We...

Planning Your Postpartum Experience | Kansas City MomCast Episode 32

The postpartum planning experience in America is a common topic in mom conversation. That can encompass care (or the lack thereof), a wide range of emotions, and a variety of mental health challenges that...

Medicinal Cannabis Basics with BesaMe Wellness (sponsored)

Join us for an intriguing and informational conversation with medicinal cannabis expert and registered nurse, Matt Cascio. Matt is well known throughout Missouri for his knowledge of cannabis and is an educational resource at BesaMe...
thrift store

Best Thrift Stores in Kansas City

I am going to be blunt with you: if you are not thrifting in KC, you are missing out. You might as well be lighting money on fire. If you aren't a part of...
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