Finding a Moms Group in Kansas City

Motherhood can be isolating at times and finding other moms to share the ups and downs means you won’t feel so alone. Actually finding a moms group can be a challenge if you don’t know where to look, so we’ve put together a list of groups in Kansas City where you can make some mom friends and get connected.

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Mom Pro Tips

  • For moms of new babies, check out mom and me classes, breastfeeding support groups, or a postpartum support group.
  • Don’t be discouraged if the first group you try isn’t the one for you. Sometimes you have to try a few groups before you find the right fit.
  • Can’t find what you’re looking for? Create the group that you want to be a part of. Reach out to moms in your neighborhood, the moms you always see at the park or story time, and your local mom friends on Facebook. You don’t have to open your house to a hoard of children; you can schedule park play dates, organize a mom’s night out, or meet up at one of the best indoor play spaces around town. Make connections and reach out to other moms you meet, chances are they will respond positively!
  • Check our events page for upcoming KCMC park playdates. There’s free coffee and other moms looking to make new friends!

Church-Based Moms Groups in Kansas City

Building Better Moms

BBM groups meet at the Leawood and West Olathe locations of Church of the Resurrection.  There are a variety of groups for moms in different ages and stages, not just moms of littleA group of women, joined together at a mom's group, is standing together and smiling with their flowers ones. Some meet during the day and some during the evenings but they typically meet twice a month. Meetings are comprised of guest speakers, time to connect with the moms at your table, and service projects. BBM is what I would call “religious-lite” compared to other church based groups. It’s a welcoming atmosphere for non-religious moms. There is a $45 fee to join and childcare is provided for $50 per child for the year. Scholarships are available. Registration opens Mother’s Day weekend every spring for the following school year.

MOPS and MOMSnext

MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers (5 and under and MOMSnext is for moms of kids 6 and up. The groups meet once or twice month during the school year at a local church and childcare is typically offered. Moms are assigned a table for the year to foster connections with other moms. Every group has a different vibe, some more religious than others. Meetings typically have guest speakers or activities to participate in.

Moms of Grace

Moms of Grace helps connect moms in all seasons of life, to grow closer to Jesus. Meets at both north and south Overland Park locations of Grace Church.

Resurrection Moms

This is a group for moms of all ages and stages that meets one Saturday a month at the Overland Park location of Church of the Resurrection. There are also opportunities to meet socially and service projects to participation. No registration is required to join.

Non-Religious Moms Groups in Kansas City

The Single Mom KC

This organization offers monthly programs with dinner and childcare for single moms. Topics range from emotional well-being to spiritual growth and practical life skills that will benefit moms and their children. While moms attend their program, infants through 5th graders are cared for and provided age-appropriate programs. Located in KCMO and KCK.

Whole Parent Foundation Parent Support Group

The Whole Parent Foundation offers 8-week support groups for expecting and postpartum parents. Brunch and childcare are provided.

Brookside Mothers’ Association

This is an organization that connects moms that live in the Brookside area.There are opportunities to get together for play dates or have a mom’s night out.

Multiples of Kansas City 

Multiples of Kansas City (formerly Greater Kansas City Mothers of Twins Club) is a non-for-profit support group for people who have or are expecting multiple birth children. The club offers information, resources and a variety of social activities that include monthly evening meetings, nights out, family and holiday events, garage sales, play groups and more.

Facebook Groups to Connect With Other Moms

South Olathe PlaygroupAntioch Park

If you live in the southern part of Johnson County this is a great group that has regular playdates at parks and other places in the community.

Traveling Tots KC

This group is for parents of kids of all ages that want to get together in person for playdates and connect with other parents. You’ll find a calendar of events as well as random pop-up opportunities to get together. Playdates happen throughout the metro.

Or join one of these location based Facebook groups to connect to other moms in your area and arrange your own playdates.

Parents as Teachers Playgroups

Parents as Teachers is a program offered in most school districts for families with kids that are not yet school age. They offer a variety of services including home visits, special events, and playgroups. Find your district below for information on how to enroll. Playgroups are typically only offered during the school year.

Kansas Parents as Teachers Playgroups

Missouri Parents as Teachers Playgroups

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  1. Hi there!

    Thanks for mentioning our playgroup in your Building Your Village blog post, Julia.
    We are actually transitioning our group into a Facebook page this month and it would be most helpful if you could change our link in your post to instead of our group link? We are going to close the group on March 1 and operate solely from the page. 🙂 Let me know if you’ve seen this and if that’s possible? Thank you so much!


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