Family Boundaries During the Holidays (Revisited) | Kansas City MomCast Episode 55

Holiday time often means lots of time with family. Family dynamics can be tough as it is, and then you add the pressure of the holidays, it can be a lot for anyone to manage. Whether you have a really wonderful, close relationship with your family or you tolerate them for a few hours a couple of times a year, holiday gatherings have a way of being stressful, chaotic, and sometimes straight-up uncomfortable. That’s where family boundaries come in. 

We are revisiting our last year’s episode with Elizabeth Kaufman. She helps us navigate best practices going into or dealing with tricky situations with family. We discuss boundaries, family traditions (keeping or breaking them), and how to handle when family are upset with your choices. Elizabeth then addresses a few “Dear Elizabeth” questions from our listeners, giving advice on specific situations.

Meet Elizabeth Kaufman

Elizabeth Kaufman Therapy

Elizabeth Kaufman, LCMFT, is a clinically licensed mental health therapist and the owner of Elizabeth Kaufman Therapy. She works with couples and individuals to go below the surface of day-to-day survival mode and create new patterns for their lives. Elizabeth specializes in anxiety and identity work, guiding clients to heal from unhelpful messages and wounds and live according to their values. In addition to practicing therapy, Elizabeth is an adjunct professor for a local graduate therapy program and a Kansas Behavioral Sciences Board-approved supervisor for therapists seeking clinical licensure. In her free time, Elizabeth loves to cook, travel, and spend time with family.

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