Family Friendly Charcuterie Boards

Last year, in an effort to stop the non-stop snack requests, I started putting out a snack tray in the afternoon to offer a variety of foods to my kids. Sometimes on a plate, sometimes in a muffin tin. Then as charcuterie boards exploded in popularity (and with no social events at which to enjoy them) we introduced a charcuterie board dinner once a month or so. My kids LOVE it, and so do we.

Other than meeting the practical need of feeding your family, charcuterie boards (also called grazing or snack boards) are a fun way to encourage kids to try new foods. They can appeal to multiple food preferences, help kids practice intuitive eating, and neutralize the excitement around sweets by serving them alongside other foods.

My friend Whitney has taken it to the next level for her four boys and created all kinds of amazing types of boards for various meals, snacks, and special occasions.

I’m excited to share some a variety of charcuterie boards with you as inspiration for feeding your family in a creative and tasty way.


The options for breakfast boards are many. You could do a pancake or waffle board, build your own oatmeal or granola parfaits, or my personal favorite, donuts! I love how my friend Whitney mixes so many different foods on these boards so that it is a really hearty and varied breakfast.


My girls like a pretty classic charcuterie board with cheeses, crackers, olives, and of course, the actual charcuterie (my 4-year-old has never met a processed meat she won’t eat). A drizzle of honey on goat or blue cheese is my 8-year-old’s favorite. Whitney also has the same idea with hers, a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits, olives, nuts, etc. Add some veggies if you think your kids might actually eat them!


You can make a snack board with so many options and a great mixture of carb, protein, fat, and sweet. I like leaving the snack tray out for a couple of hours and pick it back up about an hour or so before the next meal. This way my kids can literally “graze” during that snack period and don’t have to ask me for food.

Special Occasions

The sky is the limit in this category. Make a charcuterie board based on a holiday: Halloween, Christmas (would be great for a lazy day spent in your jammies!), Valentine’s Day, etc. Stores like Target and Trader Joes often have holiday themed snack foods that are a great addition. You can also choose a theme like movie night, rainbow colors, candy, s’mores, or hot cocoa! I love all the adorable marshmallows my friend collected for their holiday hot cocoa night. Do a search for “kids snack board” on Pinterest and you’ll find all kinds of adorable themed boards to inspire you.

What charcuterie boards have you tried with your family?

Julia Willhite
I'm Julia and I live in Olathe with my husband of 16 years, my 10 and 6 year old daughters, and our rescue pug Mabel. I’m a social worker turned SAHM and love Dr. Pepper, thunderstorms, and talking to other adults. I hate coffee, diet culture, and washing dishes. I'll talk your ear off about the best local parks and which restaurants have wronged me by changing their long-standing menu items. I try to walk the line between knowing a lot of stuff and not being a know-it-all. Some days I'm better than others.


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