Holiday Coffee Drinks Featuring The Roasterie Coffee

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The holidays are upon us, and what even are the holidays without the flavors that are so quintessentially this time of year?

Give me all of the warmness of cinnamon and hazelnut, the sweetness of raspberry and vanilla, and oh, how could we forget the chocolate?

The Roasterie blends various flavors into its everyday offerings and its holiday favorites to create a delicious coffee that is perfect on its own, and wonderful to use in recipes.

Recently we spent the afternoon creating fun, holiday coffee drinks you can make at home for gatherings with family and friends or just for cozying up on the couch with your favorite holiday movie. Which one will you be trying first?

Chocolate Raspberry Cold Brew Martini

Throw on some Dean Martin Christmas music and grab the martini shaker because we have the perfect drink for you to make for your holiday parties. The Roasterie’s Chocolate Raspberry Cold Brew is available year-round in the coolers in the coffee aisle of your local grocery store. Grab a pack of these delicious cans of cold brew and make our Chocolate Raspberry Cold Brew Martini. We added a shot of raspberry liqueur, a shot of local favorite Five Farms Irish Cream, and of course, we added a can of delicious chocolate raspberry cold brew to a martini glass. It was a delicious drink with the perfect little caffeine boost to keep you awake long enough to move that darn elf.

Snickerdoodle Coffee

When you close your eyes and picture what the holidays smell like, it’s exactly what The Roasterie’s Holiday Blend has captured in a hot mug of yumminess. With the warm flavors of cinnamon, hazelnut, and vanilla this limited-edition coffee is amazing.

It’s available in both bagged coffee and single-serve pods, and you have to grab some of this to enjoy as the perfect warm-up to the cold days ahead. As a nod to my favorite cookie, the snickerdoodle, we took a mason jar, and to that, we added a cup of whole milk, 2 tbsp of brown sugar, 1/2 tsp of cinnamon, and a pinch of nutmeg.

We shook that jar like a Polaroid picture for 30 seconds, and added that sweet and delicious creamer to a hot mug of Holiday Blend, and spooned the foam from the top of the cream on top of our drink.

A little sprinkle of cinnamon sugar and you have a tasty drink to enjoy while you watch presents being opened.

Hot Chocolate Mocha

My household is The Roasterie’s Betty’s Recipe household year-round! When coffee is described by the makers of it as something that you’d swear to as something that “the heavens have descended and landed right into your mug” then you know it has to be good!

This hot chocolate mocha is something that I’ve made many times myself as the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. To a mug, you simply just add your favorite hot cocoa mix. Instead of water or warm milk pour over some hot and delicious Betty’s Recipe and stir until the mix is dissolved. If you’re in the spirit, top it with mini marshmallows and you have the perfect grown-up cup of hot cocoa!

Candy Cane Affogato

Until recently, I had never made or enjoyed an affogato before. After serving up some as a dessert to my book club a few months ago, I don’t know if I can ever enjoy ice cream without coffee ever again.

Affogato Al Caffe is Italian for “drowned in coffee” and to be honest, when it’s my time, I think that’s exactly the way I want to go! Specifically, with this Candy Cane Affogato. To make this, we brewed up some bold and delicious Fair Trade Organic Espresso from The Roasterie. This chocolate, full body, smooth and spicy espresso paired perfectly over scoops of creamy peppermint ice cream. We drowned that ice cream in that delicious espresso and honestly, this just maybe what we need to leave out for Santa this year.


The options are endless to create your perfect mug (or martini glass, or ice cream dish) with the delicious flavors of the season from The Roasterie. We hope you have fun creating ours or your own tasty recipes. And if the holidays have you in a tizzy as they do for us all, don’t forget that The Roasterie has amazing cafés around town to give you that delicious coffee fix in between holiday events! Wishing you and yours a warm and delicious holiday season!


Jamie Young
Born in Kansas City, Jamie spent age 8-18 in Columbia, MO yet always considered KC to be home. Jamie returned to KC after high school to attend Avila University, where she earned her degree in Communication. After residing in South KC, Raymore, the Plaza, River Market and Overland Park, Jamie is now a proud (and permanent) resident of Lenexa. Jamie is wife to her love, Andy, and mom to the dream team; Lucy (12), Quinn (10) and Hazel (6). Jamie is the Events Director for Kansas City Mom Collective and loves creating fun and exciting ways to gather as a community, especially if a theme is involved! Jamie loves a good coffee shop, is a self-diagnosed Fall-aholic, is a Peloton newbie, is a proud member of “The Read That Society” (a book club full of close friends that just celebrated its 13th anniversary), is an internet-ordained minister, she loves blasting Paul McCartney out of the minivan windows and is a sucker for a good home decor store.