Kansas City MomCast Episode 7 | Holiday Mom Hacks

Happy holiday season from Kansas City MomCast! In our latest episode, we discuss two fun and relevant topics that will hopefully make your life a little easier — holidays hacks and local Kansas City shopping. We hope you learn something new, and find a new Kansas City shop to to visit to help finish the rest of your list!

Bonus Content: KCMC Contributor Team Holiday Hacks 

Laura Mulcahy | Kansas City Mom Collective Sales DirectorBuy the 4-pack of gift cards that places sell to have on hand for last minute gifts. I also take all the bonus gift stuff that I get from regular buying and add them to other gifts to make them look more substantial. Like, “hey, free random coffee mug from Beauty Brands for buying shampoo. Bag of good coffee, and poof you have a gift!”

— Laura Mulcahy


Kara Montgomery | Kansas City Mom Collective ContributorIf you do holiday baking, freeze an extra batch of everything so you have it for the person you forgot, the neighbor you want to reciprocate giving. If they’re still in the freezer on Christmas, set it all out with desserts. Sam’s Club regularly has $50 gift cards (2-$25) for $37.50 and $100 (4-$25) for $79.98 to various places.

— Kara Montgomery



Kelsey Pomeroy | Kansas City Mom Collective ContributorWhen I peruse Cargo Largo, I’ll pick up gifts for the discounted price then. I also keep running Amazon wish lists for every person in our family so that I can send it on to grandparents when they ask for a list!

— Kelsey Pomeroy



Emily Gafford | Kansas City Mom Collective ContributorI have big bags that I separate the kids presents in, and try to wrap everything ahead of time. Santa doesn’t wrap so on Christmas Eve, we are ready to put it all out. We only do four gifts: something you want, something to wear, something you need and something to read. Really cuts down on holiday spending! 

— Emily Gafford



Kristin Ruthstrom | Kansas City Mom Collective ContributorWith my siblings and parents, we do one guy gift and one girl gift, and it’s supposed to be a few of your favorite things. Usually $75ish dollars. Everyone walks away with a nice gift of stuff they will actually use and the person giving it had a fun time shopping and gifting it. We buy no other gifts other than that, and it makes the holiday so enjoyable and easy. There’s usually a game involved to pick your present that has to do with gambling.

— Kristin Ruthstrom

Valerie Stark | Kansas City Mom Collective ContributorWe use Acorns to save for our holiday budget all year without thinking about it. The app just rounds up all the purchases we put on our card and puts the change in an account, plus we have an automatic $10 that comes out each week. Definitely not how it’s supposed to be used and maybe there are better apps, but especially with money tight on maternity leave, I’m glad we did it!

— Valerie Stark

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Sarah grew up in Manhattan, Kansas (Go Cats!), she moved to Minnesota where she met her husband, Shea. Realizing how much she hated snow in May, she convinced him to move to Kansas City in 2010. Together they have lived in Midtown, Waldo, the Plaza, and now Overland Park. Sarah is mom to 10-year-old, Henry, 7-year-old Clark and 5-year-old Lucy. She has her master’s in urban administration and is passionate about making Kansas City a more equitable and supportive community. In between the crazy, she likes to drink coffee, run, hike, travel as much as possible, and experience all things Kansas City!