LULA: Smarter Home Services (and Bringers of Baseboard Bliss)

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I was 8 months into a very high-risk pregnancy, awkwardly sitting on my couch as my sister-in-law cleaned my entire house, top to bottom. It had been so hard to accept her incredibly selfless offer of help in those last weeks of nesting, and I still felt guilty for not helping. But slowly, room by sparkling clean room, my stress levels were being lowered. There’s just something so calming about being surrounded by cleanliness. True bliss hit when I watched her take a damp towel and start cleaning my baseboards and door frames. They were so WHITE. I told myself this would be something I’d start incorporating into my cleaning routine regularly.

Fast-forward five years. My house still sparkles… with the leftover glitter of last month’s craft. I’m calm enough when the LEGOs are picked up and the laundry is folded… although, ironically, leaving them lying around sometimes masks the overdue status of the vacuuming and dusting. And, sure, I’m up close and personal with my dusty baseboards often… as I roll HotWheels on the floor or fish around under furniture for runaway marbles.

My house is welcoming and comfortable, but it’s not clean. Not like it used to be. It’s certainly not sister-in-law clean. So, to “reset” for spring, I decided to give the pro’s a call. I was a little intimidated; I’d never hired a professional house cleaning service before. Well, LULA to the rescue.

If you’re familiar with how easy it is to customize your Chipotle order through their app, brace yourself: LULA does that for home services.

The app was streamlined and straightforward from the beginning, using location services to pinpoint the location of my home. I answered a few simple questions about how many bedrooms and bathrooms I have and whether or not I have pets, and then I was onto the screen where I could select from “standard” or “deep” clean services. Um, deep clean please. Why, you ask? Because it includes baseboards! A chance at white baseboards again!? I wasn’t passing that up. Both lists were customizable, allowing you to use a simple checkbox format to add additional services at pre-determined prices to the services already outlined. It’s even possible to upload your own pictures and comments about your house cleaning requests and needs.

Then I got to the scheduling page. I had the option of scheduling for a future time and date, or I could choose to have a licensed, fully vetted, background checked, highly rated, local provider at my door in 4 hours or less! Shortly after scheduling, I received a text confirmation, and I was on my way to baseboard bliss.

I contacted LULA by email before my home service appointment because of a schedule conflict that came up on my end (no, you don’t have to be home at the time of service) and because I had a few other first-timer questions. I will tell you this: Their customer service is unparalleled and their passion for customer satisfaction is so apparent in every interaction. I was very impressed with both their responsiveness and willingness to go the extra mile.

A few days later, B-Day arrived! (Baseboard Day.) I was getting LULA notifications at every step. LULA sent notifications when a provider claimed the job, when they were on their way, when they started the job, when they completed the job, and when they left.

The only thing missing was a Caution Notification. It should have read: Wear sunglasses upon entry to your home, because those baseboards are going to be blindingly white! Seriously, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to walk into a home that had been cleaned from top to bottom. My tubs sparkled, and my floors shined. The house as a whole was brighter with the windows freshly cleaned. Every blanket was folded to perfection and my toilet paper was folded into a delicate little triangle on the end. And yes… my baseboards were stunning.

And just when I thought I couldn’t love this company any more, I found out that they tuck away a small percentage of every completed transaction in a separate account to donate to a different non-profit each year. Last year, the proceeds went to the Make-a-Wish foundation.

Bottom Line: LULA is dependable and professional. Their on-demand home services really are Smarter Home Services. So, don’t call your cousin (or your sister-in-law)… LULA has the pros. 

P.S. A little birdie told me they’ll be rolling out 8+ additional services by March 20.

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Amber Dawkins
Amber loves jellybeans, morning snuggles, and new adventures. Personality tests peg her as 93% extroverted. She loves to write, but most of the time, you’ll find her behind her camera lens. Amber left her teaching position in 2016 to turn her passion into a full time photography career. She now spends time photographing homes for real estate agents, updating headshots, freelancing for local magazines, and creating branding imagery for businesses by capturing their spaces, products, people, and processes. She also does portrait sessions for families, children, and high school seniors. Amber recently got married in a small pandemic friendly wedding. As mama to one and stepmama to four, she thrives on the happy chaos of a large, blended family. Amber lives with both Cystic Fibrosis and CF Related Diabetes and thanks God daily for His blessings and the medical advances that continue to keep her as healthy as possible.


  1. Hi Darla! LULA is going to be adding a checkbox option for requesting “Green Cleaning ONLY”. You can also request this in the notes section right now so that one of the providers who can accommodate toxic-free chemicals only will claim the job. 🙂

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