Mother of the Year Finalist: Amanda Cole

Mom: Amanda Cole, Kansas City, Mo.
Nominated by: Emily Burneson, friend

Two days ago, Amanda’s 3 year-old daughter, Malina, was finally said to be in remission. Amanda has spent the last year helping the younger of her two daughters thrive against Ewing Sarcoma, a rare bone cancer.AmandaCI nominate Amanda not because she held her daughters tiny hand through painful radiation and months of chemotherapy, and not because she spent the majority of this last year pushing an IV cart around the fourth floor at Children’s Mercy; any mom when faced with same challenge would do those things.

I nominate Amanda because she smiled and served others through it all. Amanda spoke positive encouraging words to those around her. She smiled on days when a smile must have been the farthest thing from easy. On days when I am sure the Cole family could have used prayers and encouragement, Amanda was posting thoughts to inspire and uplift others.

All the while, Amanda served a local youth group of young women and taught them to keep looking up. Through Amanda’s example these young women learned to choose faith over fear. Amanda’s ability to empower those around her with her fearless smile and gold, glittered, ribbon was a blessing to all who would witness it. From the very beginning she taught her daughters that “Cancer picked the wrong princess.”

Amanda Cole showed the world that it is possible to smile through the storm. While hardships are hard, they don’t have to rob us of hope. We can still smile!

Voting for the KCMB Mother of the Year award begins at 5 p.m. Saturday, May 2 and closes at 10 p.m. Tuesday, May 5. The mom with the most votes will be awarded our Mother of the Year prize package. Congratulations to all our finalists.