Mother of the Year Finalist: Sheila Jones

Mom: Sheila Jones, Independence, Mo.
Nominated by: Rosa Mora, daughter and Johnathan McQuillen, son

Most people wouldn’t hesitate to say their mom is thmeandmome best mom in the world. Similarly, I am one of these lucky people.

My mom, Sheila Jones, has been a single mom for the majority of my life and has always worked her butt off to get me and my brother the things we needed and wanted. We have always lived from paycheck to paycheck but my momma killed herself to give us the best life she could. Not only has she raised two kids by herself but she also did a darn good job. I am currently in my second year of college, and my brother is in the United States Army.

Our mother deserves to be rewarded because she is not only a mom to us, but to our friends, as well. To her, our friends are her “other children.” She is the sweetest woman and does any and everything she can for all of us. She does this so well that she has ALWAYS put us kids before herself.

I don’t even remember the last time she bought herself something besides shampoo and conditioner and even then, she gets the stuff I like. My freshman year of high school, my mom was in a wreck on the highway and it destroyed her life physically. Her whole body hurts all the time, she has trouble walking up stairs, and can barely sleep at night because of the foot, leg, shoulder, and back pain. Yet every morning, she gets up at 4 a.m. and works all day long to feed students at Rockhurst University (where she is also loved and adored – she even comes home talking about her students and what they like to eat) and then, often times, goes to a second job and feeds people at a nearby restaurant until 9 or 10 at night. I don’t know anyone else that shows so much unconditional, dedicated love than her.

She is my best friend and words cannot come close to expressing my love and gratitude I have for this amazing woman. Both me and my brother would not be where, or who, we are without her love and compassion. To us, she is the perfect mom, and we want to show her how much we admire and treasure her for all of her sacrifices and struggles she faced while raising us and we want to thank her, with all of our heart, for all of the happy times she has given us.

She has never experienced any kind of pampering, and I know that she would truly enjoy this day and would be grateful for a lifetime!

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