Outdoor Fun in Kansas City This Summer

With summer days ahead of us it is time to plan some family outdoor fun in Kansas City. Our family loves to be outside, enjoying the warmer weather and spending quality time together.

Here is a list of some of our favorite outdoor activities and where you can go to enjoy them. I love these ideas because they don’t require a lot of planning, with most of them, you just show up and have some fun. They are budget friendly and are appropriate for families with children of different ages.

Hiking in Kansas City

We love hiking, and it’s funny because I didn’t always enjoy this activity. My love for hiking started when the pandemic started, and it became one of the things we did the most during this time. To enjoy the fresh air and to be in contact with nature is always something we look forward too. We go for simple hikes that we can do with our 6-year-old daughter and if they have a creek, it is even better since she loves to play in the water.dad and daughter hiking

Our favorite place to go on our hiking adventures is Maple Woods, there’s a creek and pets are allowed, BONUS points! Another beautiful and fun place to hike is Parkville Nature Sanctuary. There are a few trails but the most popular one and the one we have done is the Old Kate Trail, with 0.9 miles to explore. On this trail you can enjoy streams and a beautiful waterfall.

Mom Tip: Take binoculars to see the flora and fauna more closely. And if your kids are like mine, take a bucket, so that they can put all the things they find and want to save like rocks, flowers, and worms.

Eat Snow Cones

Who doesn’t enjoy a good snow cone? We love it, I think it is my favorite summer treat. Two of our favorite places to go get these treats are, Lilo’s Shaved Ice and Summer Sno Co. We love to try anything pink and with sprinkles. These two places have plenty of flavors and flavor combinations.  Both locations are dog friendly, in case you want to bring your furry friend.

Play Mini Golf

One of the best parts about mini golfing is that is a great time for the whole family, even if you have kids with big age gaps, everyone can still enjoy it.little girl playing mini golf Our family is not very good at golfing, but we just have fun, laugh, create memories and most of the time we don’t even keep score.

One place we’ve been few times is Cool Crest Family Fun Center in Independence.  They have a mini golf, video arcades, go-carts, batting cages and more.  It is perfect to keep your family busy and entertained for several hours.

Last summer, we tried the Art Course at the Nelson-Atkins, and we loved it. It’s fun, short and the hole stops are just so pretty. Each of the holes at the course represents a work of art in the museum’s collection.  Purchase your tickets in advance they fill up fast. After playing you can enjoy the gardens, walk around with the kids or even pop into the museum.

Be sure to check out our guide to Mini Golf in Kansas City to find a place near you.

Have a Picnic at the Playground

Grab your blanket, prepare a picnic lunch and head to one of the many amazing parks that the city has. This is a great way to connect with your children and have fun. Bring some bubbles, frisbees, board games, even books to read with the kids and enjoy a family afternoon. Check out some great places in Kansas City to have a picnic.

One of the parks we like and is great for picnics is Loose Park. It has plenty of spaces with nice shade, beautiful gardens, and playgrounds too. Another great option is Hodge Playground, this park has many choices for kids to climb and explore, it even has a zip line. This playground has quickly become one of my daughters’ favorites.

Cool Off at Pools and Splash Padslittle girl with heart sunglasses

No outdoor season is complete without some water fun. There are so many splash pads and pool options in our city, that summer is too short to explore them all. Try Dagg Park or maybe the new splash pad area in Zona Rosa.

Our favorite pools are all the ones at Oceans of Fun, our neighborhood pool and believe it or not a small plastic one that we put in our yard. No matter what your favorites are, grab the sunscreen, water and snacks and enjoy this time with your family.

Take advantage of the outdoor season have fun with your family and create memories that you will cherish forever.

For more summer adventure ideas, check out The Ultimate Guide to a Kansas City Summer!

Yani Vazquez Cruz
Hola! My name is Yani Vazquez-Cruz I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I moved to Kansas City 10 years ago and now I live in the Northland with my husband Jerry and my 6 year old daughter, Isabella. I have a Master’s Degree in Business Administration/Marketing from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico and I received my undergraduate degree in Communications from the University of Puerto Rico. Currently I work for the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce as the Director of Membership Services. My family and I love to travel and explore new places. Other things I enjoy are coffee, reading, baking, puzzles, Legos and writing. But there’s nothing I enjoy more than being Isabella’s momma and snuggling with her any opportunity I get.