The Kansas Ballot: Reproductive Rights | Kansas City MomCast Special Episode

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Today we are addressing a topic that we feel is important for our listeners and as women, can affect us in profound ways. Our goal today is to educate you on the constitutional amendment concerning abortion access that will appear on the August 2nd ballot in Kansas.

We discuss a variety of topics with our guest, Danielle Keller, from the League of Women Voters including the history of abortion laws in Kansas, the current restrictions in place, and what the amendment seeks to do. We also cover what a “yes” and “no” vote mean and ways to further educate yourself and become involved ahead of the election.

Voting Resources

The deadline to request advance mail-in ballot is Tuesday, July 26. Request an advance ballot at You can drop your ballot off at various dropbox locations or return to your polling place on election day. 

For more information on in-person advanced voting (July 16- August 1), click here

To learn more about ballot language, click here and to check your voting information and polling place, click here

Connect with Danielle

Today we are visiting with Danielle Keller, a member of the League of Women Voters. She is passionate about empowering voters and defending democracy. Danielle cares deeply about healthcare access and equity, voting rights, and public education. Danielle is mom to Ryan, her 16 month old son, and Banjo, her 4 year old dog. She works full time as a software analyst, and in her limited free time enjoys quilting and reading.



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