The Power of a Mom Friend

The other day I received a text from a fellow mom who had moved from the Midwest to a new city. She asked me, “How do I find moms here? How do I find things for moms and kids to do? All I’m doing is sitting at home and nursing every three hours.” She had asked the million dollar question(s) that every mom asks at some point in the first year of parenting, or during the first year in a new city.

I thought about the importance of these sister sites that exist all around the country and how vital it is for moms in these cities to connect with other moms. While most people think that moms want to connect via play dates, I really believe that what moms want at their core is to connect with friends. You see, when you connect with a new mom at a play date, it’s fun, but it doesn’t necessarily give you the opportunity to develop a relationship with another woman as her own person. There are kids running everywhere, and the ever-present “mommy wars” are subtly happening beneath the surface. I’m positive that a typical play group contains at least a few moms thinking thoughts like this:

“Oh, that mom just mentioned that she doesn’t vaccinate her kids. Why would she not do that?”

“I can’t believe she lets her daughter cry herself to sleep. Doesn’t she know her kid will be emotionally scarred for life?!”

My girlfriends and I at the Power and Light District

Moms desperately need friends. We grow up and we move away from home; we go to college; we start careers; we get married. And often times, when we become moms, we lose a sense of our identity and the ability to make a friend can be very, very challenging.

This is one of the biggest reasons Kansas City Moms Blog exists. We want to help bridge the gap between online connections and real life relationships. We want Kansas City moms to meet each other at our Mom’s Night Out events or other opportunities that we will host throughout the year. Moms need other moms to support each other in their various parenting styles, life phases and life choices. Moms need mom friends.

We look forward to connecting with you and learning about why you love being a mom in Kansas City! We don’t want you to miss a single post here at Kansas City Moms Blog, so please consider subscribing to our blog via RSS or email. We have an active Facebook community and can be found on Google+Pinterest, and Twitter, as well.

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Hello! Kansas City has been our home for the past 3 years and we love it. We moved here after a 2 year stint in Madrid, Spain working for a Christian non-profit. Although I will always have a bad case of wanderlust, I’m a Midwest girl through and through. Educated at Iowa State University as a Spanish teacher, I taught K-6th grade students the joy of learning another language for 2 years. In 2007 I left the world of teaching and became a full time Mama to our first child Renae. Her little brothers Sammy and Colton arrived 2 and 4 years later and between the 3 of them, they keep me busy. I also work for the Skybridge Community which assists American expats as they adjust to and prepare for life in another country. I find great joy in connecting people together, meeting new people, and learning about those that are different from me. Most days you’ll find me spending my mornings at the YMCA where I like to get my Zumba groove on and ending each day watching House Hunters International. I’m looking forward to connecting with all of you great KC Moms!


  1. i love this site and the reason for it’s being!! moms definitely do need friends and a support group outside of their kids~!!! congrats ladies and excited to be a part of this! can’t wait for the first mom’s night out!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. So excited for this. It’s definitely hard to make friends that are in the same stage of life, even harder when you are wrangling kids and falling into bed exhausted every night. Looking forward to another great way to meet other mamas!

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