The Top 10 Reasons Why I Am Over Winter

Are you just completely over winter yet? If your answer is “heck yes,” please join me in a short list of reasons why we are ready for the next season. Let me preface this list by saying I am born and raised in Kansas and am a big fan of having all four seasons every year. That said, I wish the allocation of months could change so that winter is approximately one month in its entirety. I am officially over it at this point. We’ve had a couple decent snows, a few school snow days, plenty of inside time together and now I’m ready for spring. Here are the top ten reasons why I’m over winter and counting down the days to spring.

  1. All of the clothes. I am so tired of trying to convince my kids to wear, or at least take, hats, gloves, scarves, heavy coats, all of the things. And trying to keep track of them? That is nearly impossible. I am ready to run out the door in tank tops and flip flops.
  2. Bring on the outdoors. We are an outdoor family. I am dying for bike rides, walks around the neighborhood, grilling in the backyard, and driveway drinks. I always get excited for indoor family time with movies, hot chocolate, and things like that, but that wears off after about two weeks. Let me back outside!
  3. No one wants to walk the dog with me. It’s too cold. I’m not even sure the dog wants to walk with me.
  4. I miss the parks. We are lucky to have so many great indoor play places in the Kansas City area. I know because I think we’ve been to all of them 80 times each this winter. But I miss our parks and outdoor areas desperately. My kids need to run and get some fresh air!
  5. So. Many. Shoes. I’m not even talking about the kids here. I’m talking about myself. I have to have snow boots for driving and walking into work, a pair of flats to change into once at work, and then back into the dang snow boots when I have to go back out. It’s exhausting! Not to mention the time I had my giant, fluffy snow boots on and forgot my flats. That made for an awkward meeting or two.
  6. We are getting sick of each other. I love my family. I really do. But it feels like the walls are coming in on us and we’re all on top of each other. We need warmer weather and room to roam.
  7. Speaking of getting sick. Everyone is sick. We all know someone who got bombed with a bad cold, the flu, or any other wide range of illnesses.
  8. The house is a mess. It is virtually impossible to keep it clean with everyone tracking in snow and salt. I can barely even talk about the trail of clothes that starts at the door and ends at the couch.
  9. Tons of laundry. Because of said clothes trail mentioned above…
  10. Call me crazy, but I’m ready for sports. I’ll be complaining about how busy we are soon enough, but I miss chatting with the other parents while our kids are getting a good dose of exercise. Bring on the lawn chairs and bleachers!

pic of girls playing in snow

For those of you over winter like me, the official first day of Spring is coming!

Hey! My name is Julie and I use too many exclamation points! My husband Grady and I are attempting to raise two wild women, Mia and Reese. We live in Shawnee where our faux bulldog Marge rules the roost. My hobbies include driveway drinking, going to parks and desperately trying to have date nights. My likes include the Jayhawks, coffee, craft beer and ChapStick. My dislikes include samesiders (people who sit on the same side of the booth when no one is on the other side), jerks and grocery shopping.