This Superfood Power Couple Makes a Difference

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We see power couples come and go, but this powerful pair will make a lasting difference for
you and your family. Say hello to the superfood power couple of dairy and plants – alone each are packed with good nutrition but combine and you get extra nutrition and flavor in every bite!

The reality is about 80% of Americans (age 2 and older) do not consume the recommended
amount of dairy, and about 85% do not meet the daily recommendation for vegetables and
fruits. Pairing dairy and plants can help close these nutrition gaps, especially for the nutrients of public health concern identified in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans: fiber, potassium, calcium and vitamin D. Along with providing calcium, potassium and vitamin D, dairy foods also provide high-quality protein, vitamin B12 and more. Plants provide fiber and potassium along with many other vitamins and minerals.

10 tasty ideas to enjoy this superfood power couple!

1. Make a smoothie bowl with yogurt and fruit.

2. Try kefir or cottage cheese along with your favorite fruit in your smoothie.

3. Create a savory veggie dip with cottage cheese or yogurt.

4. Top yogurt with fruit and whole grain granola.

5. Add veggies to your cheese pizza or quesadillas.

6. Make a banana split for breakfast (using yogurt or cottage cheese).

7. Create a kid friendly charcuterie board – with whole grain crackers, cheese cubes,
veggies, and fruit.

8. Create your own grab and go bento box. Mix and match berries, baby carrots, snap
peas, yogurt, string cheese, granola, whole grain crackers, and shelf stable box milk.

9. Use milk or yogurt in overnight oats.

10. Make a delicious frozen yogurt and fruit treat.

Get your family involved in coming up with creative and delicious ways to enjoy the powerful pair of dairy and plants!

Robyn Stuewe, MA, RDN, LD, CHES is the Manager of Wellness for the Midwest Dairy where her primary focus is building connections with health and wellness partners and schools, sharing innovative research, and providing real life solutions to meet the needs of today’s consumer across Kansas and Northwest Missouri. Robyn lives in the Olathe with her husband of 27 years and has two children in college. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking with friends and biking with her husband. She is passionate about helping others make choices that fuel and nourish their bodies and minds.

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