Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

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The holidays can be hectic and tense. Between buying gifts to classroom parties and school events to traveling and family gatherings, what should be fun has a way of becoming stressful for parents and for kids. Here are seven tips for managing holiday stress at home.

Tips for Managing Holiday Stress in Your Household

Manage Your Own Stress

Be honest with yourself about how stressful this season is and do the things you already know help you manage stress like prioritize sleep, prep some easy meals, and practice self-care.

Keep Routines the Same

Help your kids cope with the season’s stressors by making sure they get enough sleep and maintain their routine. Kids do best when routines are predictable so try to keep bedtime within an hour of the usual time. The same goes for making sure they get three meals a day.

Manage Expectations

Let your kids know what they can and can’t expect as far as gifts (big gifts, small gifts, budget) and what activities you can manage over the winter break.

Keep Kids Active

Limit screen time and make sure the kids are getting time outside to play. Take walks or short trips to the park. Go swimming at the community center to burn off some energy.

Spend Time Together

Do activities together like playing a board game, having a family movie night, or something simple like baking cookies.

Build Holiday Rituals and Traditions

Create things you can do together every year. They don’t have to be elaborate and can be something as simple as making homemade gifts, baking cookies, or continuing a tradition you had as a child.

Help Others as a Family

Shop for new toys for a toy drive or go through old toys and clothes to find things to donate to a local shelter. It’s a great way to teach kindness and generosity.

Tips For Those Who Are Grieving

Be mindful of how grief manifests in the holiday season. Grief has no expiration date and while it may be a happy season for many, for those that have experienced loss of a loved one it can be a really challenging time of year. You can say no and be mindful of not making too many commitments. Acknowledge your grief and manage your expectations for the season. Seek professional help if you start to feel overwhelmed by your grief.

Outpatient Services Offered by HCA Midwest Health

Know the signs that you need to seek more help to manage your stress. This can be things like increased irritability, tearfulness, and feeling the need to withdraw and isolate.

Research Psychiatric Center offers both partial hospitalization where you meet during the day with their behavioral health team and intensive outpatient programming where you attend an evening group three times a week.


For nearly 30 years, Research Psychiatric Center – a part of HCA Midwest Health – has provided specialized and comprehensive behavioral healthcare to the Kansas City community. Learn more on their website.

Justina Weber is the Manager of Behavioral Health Outpatient Services at Research Psychiatric Center – a part of HCA Midwest Health.

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