Visiting Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

You won’t believe in you’re still in Kansas when you visit Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park! This scenic chalk formation is located in Logan County, Kansas, West of Hays — a great pit stop on a drive to Colorado.

About Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park

This state park, owned by the Nature Conservancy, was established in 2018 and includes 220 acres of badlands. The highlight is a mile-long stretch of Niobrara Chalk formations which includes 100-foot spires and cliffs. These fascinating formations were made as many as 140 million years ago when what used to be sea floor was lifted by the same tectonic shifts that formed the Rocky Mountains.

What to Do

There are two marked hikes for visitors to different overlook points. The trails do not go up to the rock formations as they are fragile. But, you can take great pictures with the formations in the background! Guided tours are available but have to be reserved in advance.

There are several areas with information including how the area was formed and the history of the state park area.

Leave No Trace

  • Stay on the marked trails, walkways and overlooks. Only guided tours are allowed off-trail.
  • Trails are for pedestrian traffic only, except for wheelchairs. No bicycles, ATVs, UTVs or horses are allowed.
  • Take nothing but pictures! Fossil hunting and collecting of anything (including rocks, flowers and plants), even if found lying on the ground, are not allowed.
  • Rock climbing, camping and fires are not allowed.
  • Clean up after dogs, which must be on a leash.


This is an unstaffed park – pay a daily fee ($5) in the box at the entrance if you do not have state park annual pass. A small parking area includes a bathroom area. If you would like to camp close by, grab a cabin or campsite reservation (these sell out) at Historic Lake Scott.

How to Get to Little Jerusalem

Little Jerusalem is located south of Oakley on Highway 83. After driving 25 miles, you’ll follow the signs to turn west on a dirt road. You’ll go a long way on this – almost five miles. Keep going!

What’s Nearby

If you want to see more of the Niobrara Chalk formations, visit the popular Monument Rocks east of Little Jerusalem. These formation is on private land but public access is allowed during the day.

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