10 Baby Item Splurges for the Second Time Around

My second baby boy is due almost three years after my firstborn son. In those three years, not a lot has changed in the baby world. I still have all of my old baby gear, clothes, and tech. I don’t really need much this time around. I am even re-using the same nursery, decorations and all. I could technically get away with buying nothing but diapers and wipes but instead, I am choosing to splurge for some upgrades.

Here are my 10 splurge items to hopefully make baby No. 2 easier on everyone.

  1. SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet

    A cruel cocktail of a premature birth and digestive/reflux issues caused my son to be a terrible sleeper. We followed all the rules, tips, and tricks. We bought all the sleepsacks, suits, and swaddles. We visited the pediatrician, occupational therapist, and chiropractor, but nothing worked. We very nearly lost our minds to sheer exhaustion. This time around, we are willing to pay any price for a chance at better sleep, so we bought a Snoo, the high tech self-soothing bassinet that many parents swear by. Its incredible resale value has me kicking myself that we didn’t buy one three years ago.

  2. Hatch Rest – Baby Night Light Sound Machine

    We liked our original sound machine but when our son grew into toddlerhood, we bought the Hatch Rest to utilize the light and sound options as an OK-to-wake clock. This time, we are just going to skip to buying the Hatch since we know we will need one later anyway.

  3. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym

    I liked our baby play gym, and will probably reuse it, but when my son was little I was always jealous of the lively Kick’ n Play Pianos! I was recently able to find a nearly new one at an Overland Park Just Between Friends Sale for half the price!

  4. Copper Pearl Swaddle Blankets

    Aden + Anais cotton muslin swaddles were recommended to me in the past, so we only registered for them. Although we liked the swaddles and used them, this time I want to add Copper Pearl blankets to our collection. I have friends who have them, and I find them softer, stretchier, and less likely to unwrap than the muslin variety.

  5. Spectra S1 Plus Portable Electric Breast Pump

    Picture this: I am peacefully whooshh whoosh-ing the milk out of my breasts when out of nowhere, my spunky three year old runs through the cord powering my pump like a marathon finalist. He rips the flanges right off my sore, hardworking milkers. The precious collected nectar goes flying. I cry. *End scene.* Most insurances cover a new breast pump! I’m going to stop this nightmare before it occurs and pay a little extra to get the wireless version.

  6. Fisher-Price Sweet Snugapuppy Deluxe Bouncer

    With baby No. 1, we were heavy users of the popular Rock’n Play but with recalls and safety concerns, the Rock’n Play has been banished into retirement. We are replacing it with a smaller, more portable, baby bouncer.

  7. A Cute Coming Home Outfit

    Somehow we completely forgot to do this with our firstborn. In his first pictures in this world, he is rocking a stained, three times hand-me-down onesie. Do we need a cute new outfit this time? No. Do I want a cute new outfit? Yes.

  8. Pre-made Freezer Meals

    We will have a meal train again (thank you friends and family!) But unlike last time, I doubt I’ll have the time to stock the freezer with a month of self-made meals. Instead, I’ll buy and freeze some from Social Suppers, a local Kansas City establishment that specializes in pre-made family meals!

  9. A Lush Fleet of Maternity Robes

    My postpartum personal style can best be described as pajama-adjacent with easy boob access. This body birthed human life, and I will reward her this time around with only the BEST robes. I’m talking a robe for every day of the week. I refuse to see a zipper, button, or *barf*, a pair of jeans until at least six weeks postpartum. Right now, I am eyeing the Kindred Bravely Emmaline Maternity & Nursing Robe.

  10. A House Cleaner

    We just recently started a once-monthly cleaning service and let me tell you, the extra help is worth Every. Single. Penny. I wish I would have invested in a cleaning service years ago, especially during those messy, chaotic, sleep-zombied newborn months.

Can flashy new baby items and luxury services cure all my newborn woes? Probably not. But I am hoping these 10 splurge items will make round two a little bit easier!

Kelsey Pomeroy
Kelsey was born and raised in Branson, Mo. It was there, in the town that boasts the “World’s Largest Banjo” that she met her husband, Samuel. It was his first day at a new high school and she was the only person to say “Hi” to him that day, so he married her! A decade later and now they take up residence in KC-adjacent-Suburbia, but tell out-of-state people they are from “Kansas City” because it is way easier. Kelsey taught high school English for 6 years, but now she stays home to hang out with her adorable toddler, Theodore. Her passions include traveling (34 countries and counting!), playing board games, writing murder mystery parties, reading, and talking to as many people as possible.